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NPPL Chicago Open & Living Legends 4

We hit the road Friday morning from Atlantic Canada all the way to CPX Sports to check out the NPPL Chicago Open and Living Legends 4. We also took back with us to Canada a nice new 44 piece NPPL Sup Air field which we are pleased to offer to help grow the sport of 7-man in Atlantic Canada.

The drive was very f*cking long but once we landed and the weather was nice it really made up for the excessive amount of driving. We will be posting videos and sharing a few stories and possible rumors that we heard over the weekend shortly.

We also would like to say congratulations to 3CT which is made of of some of the top Canadian paintballers on their Division 2 First place finish. Keep your eyes on these guys for the season and they surely will be making a few visiting to the podium this season.

Until we get around to posting up stuff from the weekend you can keep yourself busy with an glimpse from the Miss NPPL bikini contest.

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NPPL Chicago Open Layout & Details

The NPPL 2011 Chicago Open and Living Legends IV – The Ultimate Vendor Opportunity!

When hundreds of the very best tournament paintball players in the world converge on CPX Sports Park in Joliet, Illinois along with thousands of scenario and recreational players, the result is the ultimate vendor opportunity! For the second year, the NPPL Chicago Open paintball tournament will be held alongside the amazing Living Legends scenario experience, bringing professional and divisional tournament players together with recreational and scenario players – both fun-loving and die-hard. The result is the best of all worlds for any paintball company, large or small, looking for the ideal event at which to vend and show off their products as hundreds of tournament and thousands of recreational and scenario players come together at one place, for one incredible weekend of paintball festivities!

May 20-22, 2011, some of the most famous people in the paintball world will make the trip to CPX Sports in Joliet for the Living Legends 4 scenario event, while others compete on the world stage in the NPPL Chicago Open tournament. Joining these paintball celebrities and professional athletes will be dozens of representatives of the paintball news media, ensuring that sponsors, vendors and their products receive massive coverage in words, pictures and videos spread around the world! Hundreds of divisional players will also compete in the NPPL Chicago Open tournament, while spectators, friends and family cheer them on! Meanwhile, thousands of camouflage-clad scenario and recreational players will hit the woods and remarkable themed fields of CPX to square off in the Living Legends scenario.

Paintball companies no longer have to choose between the large crowds of major scenario events or the cool atmosphere and massive media coverage of professional tournaments at which to display their products, greet customers and dealers and make sales: the NPPL 2011 Chicago Open and Living Legends 4 will bring it all together in one place, for one affordable price!

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Planet Eclipse ETV Fifth Season Trailer

Teaser for Artifact, the 5th season of Planet Eclipse’s online video series. Artifact is a collection of 10 minute documentary shorts being released monthly by Planet Eclipse.

The 1st episode, “Make ‘Em Hurt,” will feature professional paintball team Chicago Aftershock. It will debut May 10, 2010.

Teaser features the song “fresh snow” by Moonlit Sailor.

Brought to you by Planet Eclipse, Deep Elm Records, & Disconnected Media.

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Paintball Sports Promotions Releases The 2009 World Cup Field Layout

PSP Events proudly presents THE event of the year, the 2009 World Cup. The largest professional paintball tournament on the planet will debut at a new location this year, Fantasy of Flight, October 7th – 11th.

Home to over 40 rare and vintage aircraft, Fantasy of Flight is the world’s greatest aviation attraction. The facility offers a variety of guided tours including visits to their working restoration and maintenance areas. You can climb inside the cockpit of a Corsair fighter for a battle over the Pacific and then take a spin on their state-of-the-art hang glide simulator in the Fun with Flight area.

Located in Polk City, FL, Fantasy of Flight is conveniently located between the Orlando International Airport and the Tampa International Airport. Servicing over 52 million passengers a year with over 1,000 arrivals and departures daily, the two airports offer a multitude of flight options for everyone traveling to the event.

The World Cup is the crown jewel of tournament paintball; more players, more spectators, more vendors, more buzz, more significance than any other event in the industry. The event also hosts the year’s largest tradeshow where everyone that’s anyone comes to debut their latest and greatest gear for the upcoming season. It is the must attend event of the year for teams and paintball enthusiasts around the globe.

Visit www.pspevents.com for more information about the event including host hotels. Stay tuned as we add additional properties, rental homes, and tons more details for the event.

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Introducing The Redesigned Smart Parts Impulse 2009

New Smart Parts Impulse

New Smart Parts Impulse Blue

SMart Parts Impulse

Smart Parts Impulse

The Beat On The New Smart Parts Impulse

Impulse – The Beat Goes On

Smart Parts unveils the all new Impulse professional tournament marker at Bitburg Millennium Series event.

Loyalhanna, PA – May 28, 2009 – The Classic Impulse was one of the most popular electropneumatic paintball markers ever produced. It found its way into the winner’s circle in the hands of teams like the All Americans and Strange. Pros loved it for its performance and amateurs loved it for its price. Even though it has been out of production for several years, it remains a popular used marker due to its fast rate of fire, simple cleaning requirements and rock-solid reliability.

Now, the beat goes on. Paintball players at the 2009 MAXS European Masters paintball tournament in Bitburg, Germany were treated to the unveiling of the all new Smart Parts Impulse. Smaller, faster and smoother than its legendary predecessor, the Impulse is built to exceed the needs of today’s professional tournament paintball player.

“The Classic Impulse was a phenomenally successful marker and players have been asking us to bring it back for some time,” said Smart Parts Vice President, Adam Gardner, “but we weren’t going to do it until we could do it right. That all came down to perfecting a new valve and dual-regulation system that gives us the speed and gas efficiency players expect from a poppet valve marker, combined with the smooth kick-free shooting that we deliver in our best spool valve paintguns.”

True to its heritage, the Impulse is a stacked tube marker, but this isn’t just a modification of the Classic, it is an all new marker with a more compact design, and numerous new features including:

* Pressure balanced poppet valve allowing 1700 to 1800 shots from a 4500 psi 68ci system
* Dual regulation allowing extremely low bolt force and eliminating kick
* Air buffered firing piston shoots smoother with less vibration
* Ultra-compact in-grip regulators reduce forward weight for improved balance
* Hose-free design eliminating common leak points
* Rechargeable lithium polymer battery powering the Impulse through approximately 100,000 shots per charge
* Hinged Vision eye covers open without tools for cleaning and aren’t easily lost because they stay attached to the marker
* Volume chamber fore-grip eliminates shoot-down
* Modular body design allowing for fast repairs and mix-and-match color styling
* Freak compatible barrel system accepts bore inserts for changing paint sizes
* Trigger based programming with modes for all major leagues and scenario use
* Q-Lock feedneck quickly clamps and adjusts to all high performance hoppers

“The keys to the new Impulse design are its valve and regulators.” says Hans Semelsberger, Smart Parts’ Director of Technical Sales. “Most poppet valves are pushed closed by the air inside, so when the pressure is right for good efficiency, you have to hit them pretty hard to knock them open, and that shakes the gun, throwing off your aim. Our pressure balanced valve lets the air pressure push forward and backwards on the valve core at the same time. Those forces cancel each other out and the valve opens easily regardless of the pressure inside. It’s so soft, I can push it open with my little finger. Because the valve opens so easily, we are able to use two-stage regulation to drive the firing piston with very low pressure gas. That makes the Impulse gentle on paint, and lets it shoot without kick.”

With a suggested retail price of $999.00 US, the all new Impulse will be shown at the PSP Chicago Open in Bolingbrook Illinois, June 24th-28th, 2009, and will be available soon at Authorized Smart Parts dealers everywhere.

Smart Parts, Inc., is a leading developer and manufacturer of equipment and accessories for the sport of paintball. For more information, visit www.SmartParts.com. Smart Parts, Vision, Freak Jr., The Freak and Impulse are registered trademarks of Smart Parts, Inc.

Smart Parts Impulse (2000)

The original Impulse was released in the year 2000 and was the sister design to SP’s other marker available at the time, the Shocker Sport. Over the course of its lifetime the Impulse became one of the most popular markers available, and was notable for following many trends for parts, style, and features in the paintball industry on the turn of the century.

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Millennium Series Bitburg MAXS European Masters CPL & SPL Draws Announced

The Millennium Series has announced the CPL & SPL matches for the second leg of the 2009 Millennium Series.

Draw CPL 2009 – Bitburg

Draw SPL 2009 – Bitburg

Draw CPL 2009 – Bitburg [Germany] MAXS European Masters:

Group A Group B
London Nexus Joy Stockholm
Toulouse Tontons Budapest Bullets
Offenbach Comin At Ya Chilli Peppers Riga
Stockholm Ignition London Shock
Group C Group D
Frankfurt Syndicate Ramstein Instinct
Copenhagen Ducks San Diego Dynasty
Vision PPC Grenoble SK Moscow
Marseille Icon Oslo Menace

Hats CPL 2009 – Bitburg [Germany] MAXS European Masters:

Hat 1 Hat 2
London Nexus San Diego Dynasty
Joy Stockholm Copenhagen Ducks
Frankfurt Syndicate Budapest Bullets
Ramstein Instinct Toulouse Tontons
Hat 3 Hat 4
Offenbach Comin At Ya Oslo Menace
Chilli Peppers Riga Marseille Icon
Vision PPC Grenoble London Shock
SK Moscow Stockholm Ignition

Draw SPL 2009 – Bitburg [Germany] MAXS European Masters:

Group A Group B
Paris B4 Consilium Dei Zurich
Brussels Crossfire Art Chaos Moscow
Sigur Riga Amsterdam Xistence
Hellwood Paris Ugly Ducklings Odense
Group C Group D
Birmingham Disruption Toulouse Dagnir Dae
Paris Camp Carnage Drammen Solid
Influence DornbirnDaltons
London Tigers Instinct Gemoss Liepaja
Group E Group F
Ronins PBW Haguenau Blackout Charleroi
Xtreme Allstars Cologne Outrage Valence
Notorious London Vienna United
Copenhagen Ducks 2 Duesseldorf Reckless
Group G
Sucy PAC Ultimate
Lisbon Benfica
Troja Prague
Breakout Spa

Hats SPL 2009 – Bitburg [Germany] MAXS European Masters:

Hat 1 Hat 2
Paris B4 Lisbon Benfica
Consilium Dei Zurich Outrage Valence
Birmingham Disruption Xtreme Allstars Cologne
Toulouse Dagnir Dae Drammen Solid
Ronins PBW Haguenau Paris Camp Carnage
Blackout Charleroi Art Chaos Moscow
Sucy PAC Ultimate Brussels Crossfire
Hat 3 Hat 4
Sigur Riga Breakout Spa
Amsterdam Xistence Duesseldorf Reckless
Influence Montpellier Copenhagen Ducks 2
Dornbirn Daltons Instinct Gemoss Liepaja
Notorious London London Tigers
Vienna United Ugly Ducklings Odense
Troja Prague Hellwood Paris

Source: http://www.millennium-series.com

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KEE Action Sports Buys XO Industries

Originally Posted by Propaintball.com

This morning we learned that KEE Action Sports Group has purchased Canadian paintball manufacture and product distributor XO Industries. XO has a large foothold in the Canadian market place and has been steadily gaining ground in the United States marketplace by selling quality paintballs at low prices. XO currently manufactures a large line of paintball products including but not limited to several different grades of paintballs, both on and off the field gear and markets to the scenario players under the brand Gen-X-Global. KEE Action Sports has several high profile and extremely successful brands such as BT for the scenario players, a full line RPS Paintballs under the brands EVIL and RPS, and EMPIRE branded playing gear. The two companies will be working to consolidate their brands under one name and distribution network and we can only speculate as to which one is going to win out. However, the real shake up will take place at the end of the season when teams contracts are renegotiated and KEE/XO determine which teams to keep in their Pro stable. KEE currently sponsors the Russian Legion, San Diego Dynasty, Infamous, San Antonio X-Factor and Tampa Bay Damage. XO currently sponsors Edmonton Impact, New England Hurricanes, Orange County Bushwackers and Portland Naughty Dogs. From what we understand, XO Industries has reassured the sponsored teams that their contracts and agreements will be honored. With budgets tightening and the natural focus of acquisition teams being to cut costs and cut out the overlap between the two companies, one can only speculate that they will refocus their sponsorship on an elite group. The deal between KEE and XO is a major move that further consolidates the paint manufacturing industry; on one side we have Procaps/DXS who recently merged with Archon/ZAP, and on the other, KEE merging with PMI and XO. Paintball is going to get interesting!

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USPL PEVS DC Challenge Rescheduled and NPPL Returning

There have been some major changes in the last 24 hours with the USPL. They have consolidated to four events, rescheduled the DC Challenge, and may be adopting the NPPL name next season.

Here is the Press Release from the USPL:

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – April 29, 2009 – The US Paintball League (USPL) is committed to hosting great events and working to ensure that the schedule and venues are well planned and well executed. Following the successful season opener at Huntington Beach, the league has been speaking with many teams and evaluating the overall plan for 2009. After careful consideration, we have decided to adjust the schedule and the remaining venues to better suit the needs of our divisional team base and to better enable us to provide the best service to our customer base.

Effective immediately, USPL is rescheduling the PEVS DC Challenge and announcing that it will host three remaining events for 2009. By reducing the number of 2009 events to 4 total events, we will ensure that the level of quality and prestige remains as expected. This will also allow our teams the necessary time to recover between league events and to physically and financially prepare to compete in the USPL 7 Man Series.

The US Paintball League has purchased all the trade marks and rights to the National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) Super 7 World Series. Currently the US Paintball League will maintain the NPPL sanctioning rules and committees. The team members are in the process of deciding whether or not to use the NPPL name in the coming year.

The Eastern and Western Conference titles for every division will be determined by each team’s top three scores (The DC Challenge in August must be included to win the Eastern Conference and the West Coast Open must be included to win the Western Conference). All 16 Professional teams will be competing in each event this season. DC Arsenal is currently leading the Eastern Pro Conference while San Diego Dynasty is leading the Western Pro Conference. The World Championships this October will be open to all teams as well as international teams looking to compete at the National level.

Event Prizes
The USPL will announce additional product and cash prizes on our web site May 10, 2009.

Series Prizes
A Series Prize Package will be announced for all Divisions which includes Free Entry into the 2010 Huntington Beach event (scheduled for April 9 – 11, 2010), as well as a gun sponsorship for all National Series 7man winners from Bob Long (more details coming May 10, 2009)!

DC Challenge Postponed
The DC Challenge has been postponed until August 28 – 30, 2009. If your team has already paid and registered for the DC Challenge, please phone the league at (714) 858-1923 or email info@uspaintballleague.com for details. USPL stands behind you, therefore, call us with questions and let us resolve any issues with teams needing reimbursements for changing flight schedules, hotel booking fees, etc.

New 2009 Schedule
Event 1: Surf City Open, Huntington Beach, CA – April 3 – 5, 2009 (Completed and a great success!)
Event 2: West Coast Open – Dates and Venue to be confirmed shortly
Event 3: DC Challenge, Pev’s Paintball Park, Aldie, VA – August 28 – 30, 2009 CONFIRMED
Event 4: World Championships, Las Vegas, NV – October 2 – 4, 2009 (Venue TBA)

Current Rankings
The current rankings after Event 1 include the following leaders (full rankings listed on http://www.uspaintballleague.com and http://www.nppl.com) :

1st DC Arsenal
2nd San Diego Dynasty
3rd Oakland Blast
4th Los Angeles Infamous

Division 1
1st Dynasty Entourage
2nd Arsenal Evolution
3rd Hollywood HK
4th Vicious

Division 2
1st Arsenal Predators
2nd LA Endurance
3rd Black Cell
4th Fuzion

Division 3
1st Sadistik
2nd SCP Edge
3rd Impact Kids
4th Critical Wrecking Crew

Division 3 5-man
1st Davis Excessive
2nd Sick Individuals
3rd Team Rip
4th Surgical Strike

1st LA Hitmen.com
2nd GAT Products Factory
3rd Chikun Nuggets
4th Slow Moving Targets

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Millennium Series Fuengirola Beach Cup 2009 in Malaga, Spain

Due to the weather the first event of the Millennium Series was not as nice as playing on a beach in the south of Spain as you would hope it would be. With the Millennium Series testing out a new concept netting system it seems that even the regular netting system couldn’t deal with the pressure that the wind was putting on them. The next question is how much pressure will be put onto the Millennium Series if the games which have been cancelled will be added to the Bitburg MAXS European Masters in Germany.


Old Netting System VS New Concept Netting System

Millennium Series Tests out New Netting In Malaga

New System Is Easier To Transport But Is It Safer

“Due to the adverse weather condition today in Fuengirola, we will move to an emergency rosta for tomorrow. Based on current weather forecasts, it is our intention to complete all Division 2 & 3 games tomorrow starting at 8.00 am and complete the last CPL preliminary rounds starting at 14:00. Unfortunately it will be impossible to complete any further SPL & Div 1 games. All uncompleted games will take place in Bitburg. We appologies for any inconvenience caused but this circumstance is beyond our control.”  quoted from the Millennium Series Website

Statement from the Millennium Series Regarding the Fuengirola Beach Cup.

By now I am sure all are aware that the first event of the 2009 Series was hit by the worst weather experienced in the area for the last 15 years on the second day of the event. With gusts of wind recorded near by at 100km/h it is no surprise that play had to be suspend on safety grounds at 1.00pm on Saturday afternoon and no further play was possible that day.
When it was confirmed that 5 fields could be put back in to play on the Sunday the decision to suspend play for division 1, SPL and then inlay CPL was taken as all teams had completed two matches each, so this was the fairest point to stop and we will play all rescheduled games in Div 1, SPL & CPL in a way which has the least impact on the affected teams. Also the priority was given to complete division 3 and division 2 matches as these teams would predominately not be in Germany . Further details of exactly how this will take place will follow after careful consideration and consultation is given to all aspects.

I would just like to add my heart felt thanks on behalf of the millennium for the incredible support and understanding from the vast majority of the teams and trade who where there and could tell that there was nothing to be done but sit it out . I would also thank the local council of Fuengirola who really helped to ensure we could continue on Sunday and of to the incredible effort of the millennium crew and refs as well as those who rolled up there sleeves at 4.30am and had 5 fully functional fields up and running by 8.30am .
At this point I would take the opportunity to squash rumours that the major reason or play being stopped was because the new field system was not good enough for the job. The exact opposite is the case. The 3 inflatable fields continued to play for 30 minutes longer than the standard pole system of fields 4 and 5 as play was suspended on these due to poles being snapped clean in half by the wind. Play was stopped on safety grounds as there was the real danger of injury to players from flying debris from tents tables etc. The inflatable fields were deflated in 2 minutes and sustained no damage. It is a fact that if the Millennium had been using the traditional netting system there would have been no chance of any play at all on Sunday as there would have been no fields left. The only delay to rebuilding the inflatable fields was the fact that the turf had actually been lifted by the wind and needed to be reset. After this the netting system, which was completely undamaged, took 5 minutes to re-inflate. 

The continued filming by Eurosport was a great success and we look forward to some great footage from them, I think the weather will make for some very interesting programming, and let us not forget the magnificent success of the first live web cast by spirit of Paint who had more than double the anticipated viewing figures which was fantastic.
It is of great testament to our staff, refs, the cooperation and understanding of the players and the now proven success of the new netting system that all division 3 and division 2 matches were completed in total.

It is a great shame that nature should conspire against us all in such a way, but much larger events such as formula 1, tennis and golf suffer in just the same way as we have just done. The show always goes on. This will not prevent us from returning to such a fantastic venue with such a great party atmosphere. Despite the weather this atmosphere very much continued with the teams who new they would not be taking any further part taking advantage of the many bars which saw some serious partying.

As I say further news and confirmation of how the missing matches of the league teams will be played will be issued shortly .
See you all in Germany and if any of you have a direct line to mother nature please have a word. 

Kind Regards 
Barry Fuggle


CPL Preliminary Fuengirola Cup Scoreboards

Group A
# Team name
1 2 3
1 San Diego Dynasty
5:3 4:5 0:0
1 |  1
2 Copenhagen Ducks
3:5 5:2 0:0
1 |  1
3 Toulouse Tontons
4:5 5:4 0:0
1 |  0
4 SK Moscow
5:4 2:5 0:0
1 |  -2
Group B
# Team name
1 2 3
1 Frankfurt Syndicate
5:3 5:3 0:0
2 |  4
2 Offenbach Comin At Ya
5:3 3:5 0:0
1 |  0
3 Chilli Peppers Riga
3:5 5:4 0:0
1 |  -1
4 Oslo Menace
3:5 4:5 0:0
0 |  -3
Group C
# Team name
1 2 3
1 London Nexus
5:2 5:0 0:0
2 |  8
2 Budapest Bullets
2:5 5:1 0:0
1 |  1
3 Vision PPC Grenoble
5:2 1:5 0:0
1 |  -1
4 Stockholm Ignition
2:5 0:5 0:0
0 |  -8
Group D
# Team name
1 2 3
1 Joy Stockholm
5:1 5:2 0:0
2 |  7
2 Ramstein Instinct
5:3 5:4 0:0
2 |  3
3 Marseille Icon
1:5 4:5 0:0
0 |  -5
4 London Shock
3:5 2:5 0:0
0 |  -5



SPL Preliminary Fuengirola Cup Scoreboards

Group A
# Team name
1 2 3
1 Consilium Dei Zurich
4:2 4:0 0:0
2 |  6
2 Outrage Valence
4:3 4:3 0:0
2 |  2
3 Troja Prague
2:4 3:4 0:0
0 |  -3
4 Instinct Gemoss Liepaja
3:4 0:4 0:0
0 |  -5
Group B
# Team name
1 2 3
1 Toulouse Dagnir Dae
4:0 4:2 0:0
2 |  6
2 Influence Montpellier
0:4 4:1 0:0
1 |  -1
3 Notorious London
4:3 1:4 0:0
1 |  -2
4 Breakout Spa
3:4 2:4 0:0
0 |  -3
Group C
# Team name
1 2 3
1 Ronins PBW Haguenau
4:3 4:0 0:0
2 |  5
2 Paris Camp Carnage
3:4 3:2 0:0
1 |  0
3 Art Chaos Moscow
4:3 2:3 0:0
1 |  0
4 Copenhagen Ducks 2
3:4 0:4 0:0
0 |  -5
Group D
# Team name
1 2 3
1 Paris B4
4:0 4:1 0:0
2 |  7
2 Drammen Solid
1:4 4:0 0:0
1 |  1
3 Brussels Crossfire
4:1 1:4 0:0
1 |  0
4 Hellwood Paris
0:4 0:4 0:0
0 |  -8
Group E
# Team name
1 2 3
1 Lisbon Benfica
3:2 4:2 0:0
2 |  3
2 Xtreme Allstars Cologne
3:4 4:0 0:0
1 |  3
3 Amsterdam Xistence
4:3 2:4 0:0
1 |  -1
4 London Tigers
2:3 0:4 0:0
0 |  -5
Group F
# Team name
1 2 3
1 Birmingham Disruption
4:1 4:1 0:0
2 |  6
2 Sigur Riga
4:1 1:4 0:0
1 |  0
3 Dornbirn Daltons
1:4 4:3 0:0
1 |  -2
4 Duesseldorf Reckless
1:4 3:4 0:0
0 |  -4
Group G
# Team name
1 2 3
1 Blackout Charleroi
4:2 4:1 0:0
2 |  5
2 Sucy PAC Ultimate
4:0 4:3 0:0
2 |  5
3 Vienna United
2:4 3:4 0:0
0 |  -3
4 Ugly Ducklings Odense
0:4 1:4 0:0
0 |  -7


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PSP Phoenix Open 2009 Photos


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