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KEE Action Sports Buys XO Industries

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This morning we learned that KEE Action Sports Group has purchased Canadian paintball manufacture and product distributor XO Industries. XO has a large foothold in the Canadian market place and has been steadily gaining ground in the United States marketplace by selling quality paintballs at low prices. XO currently manufactures a large line of paintball products including but not limited to several different grades of paintballs, both on and off the field gear and markets to the scenario players under the brand Gen-X-Global. KEE Action Sports has several high profile and extremely successful brands such as BT for the scenario players, a full line RPS Paintballs under the brands EVIL and RPS, and EMPIRE branded playing gear. The two companies will be working to consolidate their brands under one name and distribution network and we can only speculate as to which one is going to win out. However, the real shake up will take place at the end of the season when teams contracts are renegotiated and KEE/XO determine which teams to keep in their Pro stable. KEE currently sponsors the Russian Legion, San Diego Dynasty, Infamous, San Antonio X-Factor and Tampa Bay Damage. XO currently sponsors Edmonton Impact, New England Hurricanes, Orange County Bushwackers and Portland Naughty Dogs. From what we understand, XO Industries has reassured the sponsored teams that their contracts and agreements will be honored. With budgets tightening and the natural focus of acquisition teams being to cut costs and cut out the overlap between the two companies, one can only speculate that they will refocus their sponsorship on an elite group. The deal between KEE and XO is a major move that further consolidates the paint manufacturing industry; on one side we have Procaps/DXS who recently merged with Archon/ZAP, and on the other, KEE merging with PMI and XO. Paintball is going to get interesting!


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5th Anniversary





Crowne Plaza Hotel – Airport

Atlanta, Georgia

February 5, 6, & 7, 2009


HAMMERHEAD PAINTBALL will be providing Limited Edition Paintball Extravaganza barrels to be given out each hour of the event, on all 3 days, to selected attendees!___________________________________________________

+ + Class Announcements + +

Planet Eclipse to present full day certified tech school covering their total product line.

Blue & Duece of EMR / Blue’s Crew / bluescrewtv.com will be presenting a seminar covering Big Games & Scenario productions.  They will look at it from both field production and the use of an outside promoter.  Seminar is sponsored by JT Sports.

Sign up early for the Certified Air Tech Class.  Agenda to meet standards set by ASTM & DOT.  Class to include in class instruction, hands on fill instruction and a test.  Watch for more information!

Mike Peverill of ProCaps will return in 2009 to present the popular and informative “Paintball Business School”.  Seminar is sponsored by ProCaps.

Spyder to return in 2009 and will be presenting a certified tech class!

Tippmann Sports to be offering Dealer Schools again in 2009!

Oliver Lang of the Ironmen will be presenting a seminar covering field clinics.  Seminar is sponsored by Dye Precision.

Giovanni D’Egidio of Hollywood Sports Park will be presenting a seminar on “Proven ways to make your paintball field a success”.  Seminar is sponsored by Tippmann Sports.

KEE Action Sports will be presenting certified tech classes covering their Magna Loader and the Mini/TM7 markers.

Tiberius Arms will be presenting their certified dealer class.

Dye Precison will be presenting a tech class covering their new 2009 product line.

Smart Parts will be presenting tech classes covering their popular markers.

TechT will be presenting a tech class covering their product line.

Paintball Extravaganza has create an alliance with the Paintball Sports Trade Association – PSTA.

An Advisory Board has been created made up of PSTA and industry leaders to provide direction to help make Paintball Extravaganza the top tradeshow in the industry.

PbNation has extended their corporate sponsorship for 2009.

* * Make sure you look us up at World Cup to recieve the latest event information. * *





Watch for more details or come see us at World Cup

Manufacturers that have signed up for the credit program;

Dye Precision, KEE Sports, Smart Parts, Planet Eclipse, Tippmann Sports, JT Sports, ProCaps, Spyder, Arrow Precison, HyperDrive and XO Industries.



Arrow Precison

Cossio Insurance


Dye Precision

Hammerhead Paintball

Hater Paintball


JT Sports

KEE Action Sports

Metadyne Industries

Myti Paintball

Nextgen Paintball LLC

NSERA Insurance

Paintball Sports Promotions – PSP

Planet Eclipse


Python Paintball

Severe Paintball

Smart Parts



Tiberius Arms

Tippmann Sports

Virtue Paintball

XO Industries

(Exhibitors will be added as confirmed)

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