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Coming Up To Almost A Full Year Without Blog Posts

So here at ThisISPaintball.ca we decided that we would be silent for one full year from writing blog posts about paintball events, league updates, product reviews or new releases to show our concern over where the industry is heading and how the loss of the core values which paintball once held were really being throw to the side in the search for profits.

While there has not really been many of those issues disappear ThisISPaintball.ca is starting to create and share content again but will only be showcasing news from those companies which are building a healthy paintball industry and trying to showcase the local events which are really supporting true players which are keeping the industry afloat with buying & paying for their products.

Good luck to all teams & players in the 2011 season hopefully lessons can be noticed to the failures in the past few years in the paintball industry and adjustments made to make sure the sport keeps growing in the correct fashion without forgetting where the sport started off from.

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Planet Eclipse Add New Products

Take a look at the newest addition to the Planet Eclipse line of products.

Prices for the pod packs and pants are available at www.PlanetEclipse.com

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Hybrid Now Providing Paintball Products Under New Name

“Grit, determination, heart….CONTRACT KILLER. Style, function, innovation…MODEFY’D SPORTS EQUIPMENT. its the same focus that every fighter and player feels that fuels us to push ourselves, the industry, the style of life that we live. We live for the moment, the smell of blood, the smell of domination….the smell of victory.
Contract Killer Clothing has branched out into the next movement of paintball and mixed martial arts fighting with T-shirts, fight shorts, hats, gear bags, backpacks, and paintball harnesses. While Modefy’d Sports Equipment continues to bring accessories to the paintball world built from experience for every player from professional to recreation and role playing. Join us once again as co-creators of Hybrid Technologies, Chris Corcino and John Marques lead Contract Killer Clothing and Modefy’d Sports Equipment to what represents what we all live for, for that moment….of our guilty pleasures.”

For additional information please visit here.

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Welcome To ThisISPaintball

Welcome to the official site for ThisISPaintball where you will find all of the up-to-date information regarding paintball in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia.

Here you will read reviews on newest paintball gear, get the on the ground comments from tournaments across the world and of course hear the deepest darkest inside stories from those paintball players that you want to know more about.

Keep on checking back as the information will be coming on a regular basis.

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