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PSP World Cup Grows With Addition of Field Owners Conference

Having attended the PSP World Cup for a good few years back to back starting off as being a ref working hard on the fields in the heat so players from the semi-pro ranks down to the newest of players could enjoy the sport until the transition into playing at the event with friends and moving onto European teams no one can dismiss the feeling of attending the PSP World Cup.

Even with the changes in the venue from the long standing Wild World Of Sports at Disney, the thought of any team not attending for their chance to WWC (Win World Cup) really shows the level of commitment & desire to improve in the sport. Being a field owner or manager should not be any different (aside from being on the field wanting to Win World Cup) it should be a time for those working in the industry to gather, regroup, enjoy a few drinks, learn from the efforts from the season past and really push forward into the upcoming season to really expand your own share of the market place and to grow the sport.

Why miss out on meeting paintball industry heavy weights face to face?

The Field Owner & Business Conference: includes continental breakfast, lunch, keynote, networking happy hour for $75 if pre registered or $95 at the door the day of. Registering prior to October 10th saves you $20 which really is an easy way to help grow your own business, network with other field owners and to make some direct inroads with the industry. Since the event will be held the day before the tournament starts so have your flight arrive before Wednesday Oct. 19th  get yourself settled in early and since the venue is just 20 minutes from the PSP World Cup site what really is there to lose?

So don’t drag your butt if your going to be attending World Cup in October head on over to  http://www.fieldownersconference.com now pre register and save $20 for a few drinks or maybe even some new gear from the great vendors who support the industry just like yourselves.


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PSP Chicago 2010 Layout

Take a look at the layouts for the 2010 Paintball Sports Promotions event in Chicago.

Make sure your team is registered to play http://www.pspevents.com

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PSP Launches New Website

Paintball Sports Promotions is pleased to announce the launch of our all new website at www.pspevents.com.

They have completely overhauled the site, making it much more user-friendly and adding some great new features. Take some time and look around. This will be the place for all the latest information about the PSP and our events.

In addition to information about our upcoming events, the site will feature the latest news articles and information about upcoming ref clinics. Check out our PSP 101 section for important information about the league including rules, formats, classifications and much more.

The new site will also host our groundbreaking webcasts, bringing you our events streaming live from multiple cameras with instant replays, interviews, play-by-play commentary, and our new live Stat Board. Don’t miss the Mid-Atlantic Open Webcast Pre-show beginning tonight at 6pm EST. Get the inside scoop on the event and how your favorite teams are performing as we head into the weekend. Tune in tomorrow morning starting at 7am EST for live game footage as the top pro teams in the world battle it out to advance to Sunday.

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