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Smart Parts & The Return Of The Impulse

We are awaiting additional information aside from this image which has been posted on PBNation.com to see if Smart Parts will be creating a new up to date version of the Impulse. If your not sure what an Impulse is then I suggest you check out this or ask some of the older players kicking around at your home field.

Return Of The Impulse

Coming out of retirment has never been so awaited.

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Limited Edition Mikko Huttunen DM9

Limied Edtion Mikko DM9

There will be 15 markers produced by DYE Precision with a price tag of $1650 US.

– Titanium .690 Barrel Back
– Custom milled body with 2 toned anodizing.
– Machined Mikko signature on side
– Ironmen trigger
– Mikko USB OLED TADAO board and Mikko grip panels
– Billy Wing (Ironmen edition) Bolt

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Planet Eclipse Cure3 Bolt for EGO & Etek Markers

By utilizing the latest technology in High Speed Video Imaging we have been able to further refine the already outstanding Cure2 Bolt for the Eclipse Ego.

The Cure3 allows for perfect positioning of the ball in the breech for every shot, and the new upper ramp profile offers 2 distinct improvements over its predecessor. The first is that is further reduces the impact of the second ball in the feed stack and the subsequent compression of all the balls in the stack above it. And secondly, it allows faster load times as the stack is already partially lowered into the breech as the bolt starts to retract meaning a shorter drop distance and time during the loading phase of the cycle.

The Cure3 Bolt will fit all previous Egos, but will require the fitment of the standard pin from your existing bolt. Spare Plunger and Spring Included.

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Planet Eclipse Impact & Disruption Private Label GEO

While there has been much talk about which marker your favorite Planet Eclipse team will be using in the 2009 season. So take a look at the Edmonton Impact and Birmingham Disruption Private Label GEO’s.

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Planet Eclipse EGO9 & GEO

There has been a largeΒ  amount of buzz going around about when Planet Eclipse would be releasing a glimpse of the new marker for the 2009 season. There has been plenty of talk of if it will be a new design with a spool for internals or the usual Planet machine house with poppet valve internals. Either way here are the teaser photos and some photos of testing out the new marker. Check out the EGO 09 discussion over at PbNation for more flames and trolls than a Harry Potter movie.

Be sure to join the Planet Eclipse Fan Page if you use Facebook to keep up to date on any more new details, photos or videos.

Don’t forget to ask at your local paintball shop to

see if you can pre order your EGO 09 or GEO of just go

directly to Planet Eclipse

When Planet Eclipse manufactured the first Ego it created an overnight revolution in the world of tournament-level Poppet-Valve based markers. By combining reliability, efficiency, performance, ease of maintenance, light weight, balanced design and compact dimensions in a package that was as easy to tech and service as it was to shoot high-speed strings on the field, it became an instant success with players, techs, and dealers alike.

4 years on, and with 3 years of development and testing behind it, Eclipse are ready to do to the Spool-Valve market what they did to the Poppet-Valve market back in late 2004.

The Eclipse Geo has been designed and developed to neutralise all the traditional negative aspects of spool-valve based markers. It offers exceptional air efficiency. It has the fewest possible number of dynamic seals. Yet it still has a Gas Supply Isolation mechanism built into the firing cycle. It is as easy to tech as any other Eclipse marker. It is incredibly reliable. It is compact, balanced and amazingly lightweight. It is everything that Eclipse stands for.

Yet there would be no point in the development of this product if it eschewed the core values of what people like and demand from a spool-valve marker. Smooth operation with a low reciprocating mass (the bolt is the only moving part and weighs less than 18grams). Low operating pressure between 110-135psi. And a quiet sound signature.

What the Eclipse Geo now offers is all of the benefits of a spool-valve marker, with none of the drawbacks.

Add to that the features that have become synonymous with Recent Eclipse markers such as Def-Tek feed technology, Heads-Up LCD module, Opto and Micro trigger operation, Break Beam Sensor System, Dual magnetic and Spring Trigger Return System, light weight and ergonomic design, simple maintenance and bullet-proof reliability, and the result is a marker that draws on all the key Eclipse traits and principles to add an exciting new shooting platform to the range.

Planet Eclipse EGO09 & GEO Details

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New Marker Trade-in Business: Cash4Gats.com

Is your gear bag filling up with markers you no longer use, here is the solution.

Cash4Gats.com is the newest in the marker trade-in business. The name says it all; you give them your marker, they give you cash. The niche in their business is our hassle-free way of doing business. They have no sign ups, registrations, just a form that you fill out and then take it from email. They guarantee to beat any competitors’ prices on your trade-in. Along with buying your used markers, they sell pre-owned markers which have been certified by their in-house technicians.

While the website might not be the best to look at there are a few things that will make you more comfortable in dealing with Cash4Gats.com

How the Trade-in System Works

The trade-in request at Cash4Gats.com is simple, you must ship your item to them. Luckily, you do not have to pay
to ship your marker. When you request a Trade-in, they will provide you with a prepaid USPS shipping
label via email. You can then bring your gun to your local post office where you will ship it to us free of
charge. When we receive the gun, you will receive payment via certified check or Paypal (at your
preference) within 24 business hours.

Warranty for Pre-owned Markers

All pre-owned markers sold include a 30 day labor warranty. All markers are guaranteed to work upon shipment, but as a
consequence of the nature of the item, problems during shipment may occur. This 30 day warranty will cover labor to repair
the marker by Cash4Gats technicians only. Shipping to and from our facility is at the customer’s expense. Parts required
in the repair are to be paid for at the customer’s expense. Covered by this warranty is the labor of our techs (valued at

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