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Paintball Sports Trade Association Offers Free Young Guns Event At PSP Chicago Open

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Paintball Sports Trade Association to Host Free Tournament at Chicago Open, the Paintball Sports Trade Association (PSTA) continues on its mission to help “increase awareness, acceptance, and participation” at the PSP Chicago Open. The PSTA plans to host a Young Guns Tournament with free entry and a Target Range during the Chicago Open event in June. At the beginning of this year, the PSTA showed its full support of the 5th Annual Paintball Extravaganza held this past February. Thanks to the PSTA and its board members comprised of industry veterans like DYE Precision’s Dave DeHaan (Chairman); Rick Chard, President of Paintball Events Unlimited LLC; Craig Miller; and PBNation’s President, Ed Rieker, just to name a few, this past February’s Paintball Extravaganza was a complete success. In fact, it was such a huge success that there will be another trade show specific to paintball business owners in September of this year (details of this next tradeshow to come soon).

Free Entry Young Guns Tournament

Newly appointed PSTA Director, Russell Maynard, said, “We want to do something different that’s never been done before by hosting a free tournament for players 12-18 years old who have never played a PSP event.” This PSP 5-man format, double-elimination format will take place on June 28th only and will be on a PSP field officiated by PSP referees. There will be only one division with a maximum of 24 teams. Young Gun aged participants will be supplied with DYE and Smart Parts paintball markers, hoppers, and air systems free of charge; even the air fills and their paint will be supplied at no cost to them! Players only need to bring their goggle systems and appropriate attire to play in the tournament.

“Young Gun aged participants will be supplied with DYE and Smart Parts paintball markers, hoppers, and air systems free of charge; even the air fills and their paint will be supplied at no cost to them!”

Both Paintball Sports Promotions and the PSTA are joining forces to sponsor these young players to give them a chance to experience what it’s like to play at a PSP event. There are special limitations as the rate of fire is restricted to semi-only and only 150 rounds per player for each game is allowed. Players will have to chrono at 270 fps, as well.

Target Range

There will also be a target range where PSTA Manufacturers’ paintball markers will be available to shoot for free. Representatives of each manufacturer will be there to explain the marker’s features. The Target Range will be open from 10AM until 4PM on June 27thand 28th during the PSP Chicago Open. This target range will be equipped with real life targets for players to shoot at! “PSP Pro tournament players from PSTA member sponsored teams will be on the range for kids to shoot at,” said Maynard. He continued, “What the PSP and the PSTA are attempting to do is create a better interaction between the consumer and the industry.” Since there will be no charge for air and marker usage at the Target Range, a small fee of only $3.00 for 100 rounds of sponsored paintballs. The reason for the cost is to help offset the cost of paint given to the Young Guns teams.

“PSP Pro tournament players from PSTA member sponsored teams will be on the range for kids to shoot at,” said Maynard.

It is the PSTA’s hope to bring the Target Range to places like traveling car shows where people will have a chance to get a feel for the markers, comparison shop, and get a hands-on look at the latest marker technology. To see a list of the PSTA Manufacturers that will feature their guns at the PSP Chicago Open, visit their website at www.Paintball.org.

Maynard said, “If the Young Guns Tournament and Target Range are as successful as we anticipate, we will be offering this again at all the remaining PSP events this year.” As the PSTA adds more events to their schedule, it is their hope to have local field/store volunteers to help run the Target Range. For more information about the free Young Guns Tournament, the Target Range, and the PSTA, please contact the PSTA Director, Russell Maynard, via their website atwww.Paintball.org.

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5th Anniversary





Crowne Plaza Hotel – Airport

Atlanta, Georgia

February 5, 6, & 7, 2009


HAMMERHEAD PAINTBALL will be providing Limited Edition Paintball Extravaganza barrels to be given out each hour of the event, on all 3 days, to selected attendees!___________________________________________________

+ + Class Announcements + +

Planet Eclipse to present full day certified tech school covering their total product line.

Blue & Duece of EMR / Blue’s Crew / bluescrewtv.com will be presenting a seminar covering Big Games & Scenario productions.  They will look at it from both field production and the use of an outside promoter.  Seminar is sponsored by JT Sports.

Sign up early for the Certified Air Tech Class.  Agenda to meet standards set by ASTM & DOT.  Class to include in class instruction, hands on fill instruction and a test.  Watch for more information!

Mike Peverill of ProCaps will return in 2009 to present the popular and informative “Paintball Business School”.  Seminar is sponsored by ProCaps.

Spyder to return in 2009 and will be presenting a certified tech class!

Tippmann Sports to be offering Dealer Schools again in 2009!

Oliver Lang of the Ironmen will be presenting a seminar covering field clinics.  Seminar is sponsored by Dye Precision.

Giovanni D’Egidio of Hollywood Sports Park will be presenting a seminar on “Proven ways to make your paintball field a success”.  Seminar is sponsored by Tippmann Sports.

KEE Action Sports will be presenting certified tech classes covering their Magna Loader and the Mini/TM7 markers.

Tiberius Arms will be presenting their certified dealer class.

Dye Precison will be presenting a tech class covering their new 2009 product line.

Smart Parts will be presenting tech classes covering their popular markers.

TechT will be presenting a tech class covering their product line.

Paintball Extravaganza has create an alliance with the Paintball Sports Trade Association – PSTA.

An Advisory Board has been created made up of PSTA and industry leaders to provide direction to help make Paintball Extravaganza the top tradeshow in the industry.

PbNation has extended their corporate sponsorship for 2009.

* * Make sure you look us up at World Cup to recieve the latest event information. * *





Watch for more details or come see us at World Cup

Manufacturers that have signed up for the credit program;

Dye Precision, KEE Sports, Smart Parts, Planet Eclipse, Tippmann Sports, JT Sports, ProCaps, Spyder, Arrow Precison, HyperDrive and XO Industries.



Arrow Precison

Cossio Insurance


Dye Precision

Hammerhead Paintball

Hater Paintball


JT Sports

KEE Action Sports

Metadyne Industries

Myti Paintball

Nextgen Paintball LLC

NSERA Insurance

Paintball Sports Promotions – PSP

Planet Eclipse


Python Paintball

Severe Paintball

Smart Parts



Tiberius Arms

Tippmann Sports

Virtue Paintball

XO Industries

(Exhibitors will be added as confirmed)

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