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Introducing The Redesigned Smart Parts Impulse 2009

New Smart Parts Impulse

New Smart Parts Impulse Blue

SMart Parts Impulse

Smart Parts Impulse

The Beat On The New Smart Parts Impulse

Impulse – The Beat Goes On

Smart Parts unveils the all new Impulse professional tournament marker at Bitburg Millennium Series event.

Loyalhanna, PA – May 28, 2009 – The Classic Impulse was one of the most popular electropneumatic paintball markers ever produced. It found its way into the winner’s circle in the hands of teams like the All Americans and Strange. Pros loved it for its performance and amateurs loved it for its price. Even though it has been out of production for several years, it remains a popular used marker due to its fast rate of fire, simple cleaning requirements and rock-solid reliability.

Now, the beat goes on. Paintball players at the 2009 MAXS European Masters paintball tournament in Bitburg, Germany were treated to the unveiling of the all new Smart Parts Impulse. Smaller, faster and smoother than its legendary predecessor, the Impulse is built to exceed the needs of today’s professional tournament paintball player.

“The Classic Impulse was a phenomenally successful marker and players have been asking us to bring it back for some time,” said Smart Parts Vice President, Adam Gardner, “but we weren’t going to do it until we could do it right. That all came down to perfecting a new valve and dual-regulation system that gives us the speed and gas efficiency players expect from a poppet valve marker, combined with the smooth kick-free shooting that we deliver in our best spool valve paintguns.”

True to its heritage, the Impulse is a stacked tube marker, but this isn’t just a modification of the Classic, it is an all new marker with a more compact design, and numerous new features including:

* Pressure balanced poppet valve allowing 1700 to 1800 shots from a 4500 psi 68ci system
* Dual regulation allowing extremely low bolt force and eliminating kick
* Air buffered firing piston shoots smoother with less vibration
* Ultra-compact in-grip regulators reduce forward weight for improved balance
* Hose-free design eliminating common leak points
* Rechargeable lithium polymer battery powering the Impulse through approximately 100,000 shots per charge
* Hinged Vision eye covers open without tools for cleaning and aren’t easily lost because they stay attached to the marker
* Volume chamber fore-grip eliminates shoot-down
* Modular body design allowing for fast repairs and mix-and-match color styling
* Freak compatible barrel system accepts bore inserts for changing paint sizes
* Trigger based programming with modes for all major leagues and scenario use
* Q-Lock feedneck quickly clamps and adjusts to all high performance hoppers

“The keys to the new Impulse design are its valve and regulators.” says Hans Semelsberger, Smart Parts’ Director of Technical Sales. “Most poppet valves are pushed closed by the air inside, so when the pressure is right for good efficiency, you have to hit them pretty hard to knock them open, and that shakes the gun, throwing off your aim. Our pressure balanced valve lets the air pressure push forward and backwards on the valve core at the same time. Those forces cancel each other out and the valve opens easily regardless of the pressure inside. It’s so soft, I can push it open with my little finger. Because the valve opens so easily, we are able to use two-stage regulation to drive the firing piston with very low pressure gas. That makes the Impulse gentle on paint, and lets it shoot without kick.”

With a suggested retail price of $999.00 US, the all new Impulse will be shown at the PSP Chicago Open in Bolingbrook Illinois, June 24th-28th, 2009, and will be available soon at Authorized Smart Parts dealers everywhere.

Smart Parts, Inc., is a leading developer and manufacturer of equipment and accessories for the sport of paintball. For more information, visit www.SmartParts.com. Smart Parts, Vision, Freak Jr., The Freak and Impulse are registered trademarks of Smart Parts, Inc.

Smart Parts Impulse (2000)

The original Impulse was released in the year 2000 and was the sister design to SP’s other marker available at the time, the Shocker Sport. Over the course of its lifetime the Impulse became one of the most popular markers available, and was notable for following many trends for parts, style, and features in the paintball industry on the turn of the century.

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Millennium Series Bitburg MAXS European Masters CPL & SPL Draws Announced

The Millennium Series has announced the CPL & SPL matches for the second leg of the 2009 Millennium Series.

Draw CPL 2009 – Bitburg

Draw SPL 2009 – Bitburg

Draw CPL 2009 – Bitburg [Germany] MAXS European Masters:

Group A Group B
London Nexus Joy Stockholm
Toulouse Tontons Budapest Bullets
Offenbach Comin At Ya Chilli Peppers Riga
Stockholm Ignition London Shock
Group C Group D
Frankfurt Syndicate Ramstein Instinct
Copenhagen Ducks San Diego Dynasty
Vision PPC Grenoble SK Moscow
Marseille Icon Oslo Menace

Hats CPL 2009 – Bitburg [Germany] MAXS European Masters:

Hat 1 Hat 2
London Nexus San Diego Dynasty
Joy Stockholm Copenhagen Ducks
Frankfurt Syndicate Budapest Bullets
Ramstein Instinct Toulouse Tontons
Hat 3 Hat 4
Offenbach Comin At Ya Oslo Menace
Chilli Peppers Riga Marseille Icon
Vision PPC Grenoble London Shock
SK Moscow Stockholm Ignition

Draw SPL 2009 – Bitburg [Germany] MAXS European Masters:

Group A Group B
Paris B4 Consilium Dei Zurich
Brussels Crossfire Art Chaos Moscow
Sigur Riga Amsterdam Xistence
Hellwood Paris Ugly Ducklings Odense
Group C Group D
Birmingham Disruption Toulouse Dagnir Dae
Paris Camp Carnage Drammen Solid
Influence DornbirnDaltons
London Tigers Instinct Gemoss Liepaja
Group E Group F
Ronins PBW Haguenau Blackout Charleroi
Xtreme Allstars Cologne Outrage Valence
Notorious London Vienna United
Copenhagen Ducks 2 Duesseldorf Reckless
Group G
Sucy PAC Ultimate
Lisbon Benfica
Troja Prague
Breakout Spa

Hats SPL 2009 – Bitburg [Germany] MAXS European Masters:

Hat 1 Hat 2
Paris B4 Lisbon Benfica
Consilium Dei Zurich Outrage Valence
Birmingham Disruption Xtreme Allstars Cologne
Toulouse Dagnir Dae Drammen Solid
Ronins PBW Haguenau Paris Camp Carnage
Blackout Charleroi Art Chaos Moscow
Sucy PAC Ultimate Brussels Crossfire
Hat 3 Hat 4
Sigur Riga Breakout Spa
Amsterdam Xistence Duesseldorf Reckless
Influence Montpellier Copenhagen Ducks 2
Dornbirn Daltons Instinct Gemoss Liepaja
Notorious London London Tigers
Vienna United Ugly Ducklings Odense
Troja Prague Hellwood Paris

Source: http://www.millennium-series.com

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