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Smart Parts Release Image Of New Impulse

The fame of the New Smart Parts Impulse will also house both regulators.

Smart Parts Impulse Grip Frame

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Limited Edition Mikko Huttunen DM9

Limied Edtion Mikko DM9

There will be 15 markers produced by DYE Precision with a price tag of $1650 US.

– Titanium .690 Barrel Back
– Custom milled body with 2 toned anodizing.
– Machined Mikko signature on side
– Ironmen trigger
– Mikko USB OLED TADAO board and Mikko grip panels
– Billy Wing (Ironmen edition) Bolt

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EGO 09 Argyle Showcased At Millennium Series Event in Malaga

With over 11,000 Swarovski Crystals included the Planet Eclipse Argyle Ego9  marker is possibly the most elegant and expensive marker on the market . 


Curators of style and performance may wish to display this object of desire next to their Ferrari or Yacht but the marker itself is fully operational and strippable, although cleaning each crystal would require a small pit team itself to polish and buff your beautiful display after every game.


Price Tag is only $5001.00

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Planet Eclipse Technical Update on EGO9 & GEO

Technical Update (EGO9 & GEO) 24th October 2008

It has been brought to our attention by the good people on the PBNation forums that in Training Mode on the EGO9 and the GEO the gun can still fire. A new version of software has been issued as of today, 24th October 2008. It is being flashed into guns that are being shipped from our factory and also into guns that are being purchased from the World Cup. This new version of software is version 1.03 in both guns and has rectified this issue. When you are using Training Mode ensure that you remove your loader, that your marker is clear of paint and that your barrel sock is on your barrel. Never leave your marker loaded with paint no matter what version of software you have in your marker. If you have the 1.00 version of software please contact either the UK or the USA office and we can arrange to swap out your board for you quick and easily and every board that is sent in will receive a goody bag as a little sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Secondly, some customers may find that they are having difficulty turning their marker on in direct, bright sunlight. This is due to some of the improvements that we have implemented in the electronics of the 2009 markers, specifically the opto-sensors and refined eye logic on both the EGO9 and GEO. A side effect of these improvements is that in bright, direct sunlight and with no loader fitted, the marker may not turn on.

There is a very easy solution to this, simply cover the feed neck with your hand or tilt the feed neck away from the sunlight when you are turning the marker on and you’re all set.

The same may occur when the grips are open, in this instance simply shade the trigger sensors from direct sunlight during power up.

Once the marker is in a powered on state sunlight will have no effect on the operation of your EGO9 or GEO.

Return Info:

USA & South America

Planet Eclipse
Suite 4
84 Cutler Street
Rhode Island

Tel: 401 247 9061

E-Mail: gerry.b@planeteclipse.com

England and Rest of the World:

Planet Eclipse
Unit 5 to 8 Southfield Ind Est
Praed Road
Trafford Park
M17 1SJ

Tel: +44 (0)161 872 5572

E-Mail: technical@planeteclipse.com

Please package any circuit board in a padded envelope with a covering letter stating you full name and return address and also the serial number of your marker.



TECH UPDATE #2, 30 October 2008 – Firmware Version 1.10

As the dust settled from this year’s World Cup, the Planet Eclipse R&D Department sat down to review the extensive feedback that was gathered from Pro players and customers alike regarding our new markers, the Ego9 and the Geo. Two areas have come up repeatedly and so we have decided to address these areas right now, because at Planet we want everyone to be happy and we are here to listen.

Area 1 – Training Mode.

Recent changes to the Training Mode in both the Eclipse Ego9 and Eclipse Geo have resulted in many comments which have made us rethink the way in which Training Mode is implemented. Version 1.10 of the Ego9 and Geo firmware incorporates what we consider to be an improved Training Mode which uses the on-board audible indicator to simulate a shot rather that the short-stroking of the bolt that was implemented in previous versions of the firmware.

This improved Training Mode has a number of benefits including –

1. Air is no longer required in order to use Training Mode;
2. There is no wear and tear on the mechanics of either marker.

Area 2 – Power Up.

There are two ways to power-up the 2009 markers, a double-click of the centre button at the rear of the grip-frame produces a fast power-up, whilst pushing and holding the centre button results in a slower power-up that displays the make, model and firmware version details on the LCD. Whilst many appreciated these different power-up techniques, some customers felt that the slower power-up sequence was much too slow, therefore Version 1.10 of the firmware has a modified power-up which hopefully accommodates everyone. Now, if you press and hold the centre button, the marker will power up and cycle through the information screens as before, but only as long as the centre button is held. If the button is released before all of the screens have been displayed then the remaining screens will be skipped, making the gun ready to shoot sooner.

All Eclipse Ego9 and Eclipse Geo markers shipped from our Manchester factory from week ending Friday 31 October will include version 1.10 of the firmware. Anyone that has sent their board in for upgrading to version 1.03 (see Tech Update 1) will receive version 1.10.

Planet Eclipse will have Pro-Tech-Tours out in 3 locations over the next few weeks. You will be able to get your board upgrade FREE of charge at any of the following locations:

San Diego NPPL 13th – 16th November

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) Asia WC 13th – 16th November

Sydney Australia (Australian Masters) 27th – 29th November

Or read Tech info 1 for return infomation or e-mail technical@planeteclipse.com

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