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Magued Idris Demo’s The A-Box: Making Marker Chrono Easier & Product Display Interactive

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Canada’s Own Badlands, Signs Stockholm Joy Division

For the past 5 years, Badlands has arguably had the most successful stable of professional paintball teams in the game.

San Diego Dynasty and LA Infamous have undeniably been two of the most successful teams in the USA in recent years. Edmonton Impact is already the most successful team to ever come out of Canada. All three of these teams have enjoyed amazing results and it seemed there was no obvious way that Badlands could actually improve on the win-ratio their sponsored teams have delivered to-date…. until now.

In a move that will shock the Paintball Industry, Badlands has now signed a deal with Stockholm Joy Division, the most successful team ever to come out of Europe and the only European team to win a NPPL event on US soil.

The deal, for an undisclosed sum, includes a visit to Canada by Joy Division as part of their 2008 Five-Stop World Tour. This visit, scheduled for late August 2008, will be part of Badlands 20th year Anniversary celebrations.

Badlands representative Owen Ronayne said of their new signing:
“Joy Division are one of the most popular and respected teams in Paintball. I’ve been a big fan for 15 years, so signing them into the Badlands stable is very exciting. We strive for excellence, so sponsoring the greatest pro teams in Europe, the US and, of course, Canada, is a proud moment for us. The Joy guys are also personal friends and I can’t wait for them to come to Canada. They will be eager to help Canadian players improve their game, so watch our website for details of their visit. Lock up your daughters though, and leave your girlfriends at home. You have been warned!!”

Joy Captain Magued Idris confirmed their latest sponsor:
“When Owen went to Badlands, we went with him. It’s as simple as that. He has looked after us for years and is practically a member of our team.

There is no doubt Badlands is a great fit for us. It is one of the coolest companies in the game. A Badlands Sponsorship for a Pro team is a sure indication that you at the top. It’s a very select club and we are proud to be members. I’m definitely looking forward to the Canadian stop on our World Tour this year and seeing if the weather there is really as bad as Owen says it is….”

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