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PSP Supporting League Program

Paintball Sports Promotions Is Teaming Up with Local and Regional RaceTo Leagues

Last month, the PSP announced its affiliation with six regional leagues forming the Unified National & Regional RaceTo Format.  These affiliated leagues are working together to provide a consistent experience for players across leagues and divisions, as well as creating a universal player ranking in conjunction with the APPA that fits both the regional and national levels.

Now the PSP would like to announce a program for local leagues; the PSP Supporting League program.

PSP Supporting Leagues are committed to further establishing the RaceTo Format as the standard in tournament paintball.  These leagues abide by PSP Rules (with minor modifications) and use the UCP Classification System in association with the APPA.  The PSP assists Supporting Leagues with prize packages, league promotion and offer assistance with improving and establishing a solid reffing program.  If you are a tournament operator who believes in promoting the RaceTo format and are interested in assistance with prizes as well as promoting your league, please email Camille Lemanski at camille@pspevents.com for more information on how you can become a 2010 PSP Supporting League.

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CXBL Event 5 Review

North America Xtreme Paintball League

Ground Zero Paintball pulled through with another successful paintball event once again, hosting the fifth event of the season in Gananoque, Ontario. Unbelievably, it was already here. This was the last event for your team to make the cut as the number one team in your division, the last chance at bringing home the medals, and the last shot at making NAX. We, the players, and spectators, witnessed it all. Everything from the tears and blood, to the joy and high feeling of accomplishment. It all comes in the package; hopefully you were fortunate enough to catch it all live.

Sometimes there is just too much to tell, or, you just don’t know where to kick the weekend’s story off from. So the best way to resolve this is by starting with congratulating all the teams who busted their buts this season in the trenches, and now have made it to the top. After all the hard work, dedication, money, and time put into this, they deserve one big round of applause.

CX4 team Whitby Rhino Rampage came first this season, winning the series title as the number one CX4 team in their division. They came through with a total of 225 points this season, along with Codrington Corrupted Youth in second place and Hamilton Havoc in third place. It was a tight division, packed with close matches all season long, but everybody did an amazing job. Congratulations boys, enjoy the prizes and super cool medals.

RXL team Woodstock Defiance came into the division with next to no Xball experience, other than being under the wing of Travis Kropf (ex. Shockwave Canada player). This was their first year as a real team together, gaining hundreds of war stories and hotel memories this season together as a team. They went through the drama together, and have now learned how to win together. Woodstock Defiance also accomplished their goal of winning an MXL spot in the league for next season. Congratulations on a job well done. Essex Supremacy led shortly behind in second place, as well as Joyceville Juveniles in third place. Hopefully everybody takes another shot at the title next season in 2010, where we’ll find more exciting matches and new winners.

Kitchener Recon came into MXL this season after winning their spot from RXL in 2008. They smashed their way through RXL, now absolutely obliterating anybody in their path in MXL. Recon has a point differential of plus 65, leaving the closest contender (Sudbury Union) in the dust with only plus 18. They not only blew the points off the score sheets, but also managed to win every single match, going undefeated this season. If that isn’t impressive enough, they also not only won a CXBL spot for next year, but an AXBL spot as well. Kitchener Recon competed in MXL up in the states as well, under the name of Bronx Hate. It just so happens that Bronx Hate went undefeated this season in the MXL division. This group of players definitely has something going for them, who knows what 2010 will bring. I believe I speak for them when I say thanks go out to their loyal coach Nelson Fonseca. Congrats also go out to Elmira Nemesis for coming in second place and Waterloo Wildcards for coming in third.

CXBL was an absolute, out of control, rollercoaster this season. Teams that were in the bottom seemed to somehow find their groove around the middle, and others who thought to have no worries, fell into the ground. Although, three particular teams seemed to always be in the same ball park. First up was Cambridge Raiders, the thought to be winning team this season. Next up was Kingston Criminal Factory, a team that was coming from experience, as well as the help from hired pros Bart Blonski and Pete Utschig. Finally was Toronto Rage, a well represented team who made some major pickups this season to perfect the roster. All three teams grinded out hard matches with one another, but the question remained, who would break through with the medals and move onto NAX? The answer was Toronto Rage. After Cambridge Raiders slipped last event, Toronto Rage seized all the open opportunities possible. Quick points in clutch times raised their point differential a ton, bringing them the medals and entitling them as the number one team in Central CXBL. Cambridge Raiders just fell short, coming in second. Kingston Criminal Factory remained in third with only a total of 10 points, compared to Rage and Raiders with 12. Amazing jobs everybody, but the action isn’t close to over yet. NAX is in less than a month, so I hope to see everybody there.

Special Thanks go out to all of our hosts for making this possible. Ground Zero, Flag Raiders, Soldier Gear, and Bingemans entertainment center all did a phenomenal job with the events. Special thanks also go out to BuyPBL, Draxxus, VForce, Smart Parts, Sup Air Ball, Canadian Tire, and FantasyPB for making any of this possible. The best event of the season is always saved for last; NAX is going to get hectic. The pressure is on and the teams demand 110% out of their players at this point. Stay tuned in and don’t miss a second of it with ThisIsPaintball.ca!

Kyle Muffty


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USPL West Coast Open Semi-Finals: Avalanche vs X-Factor [ETV 23]

Those wonderful people over at Planet Eclipse have another video for their ETV Series. Check out the Planet Eclipse sponsored teams in USPL West Coast Open 2009.

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Paintball Sports Promotions Releases The 2009 World Cup Field Layout

PSP Events proudly presents THE event of the year, the 2009 World Cup. The largest professional paintball tournament on the planet will debut at a new location this year, Fantasy of Flight, October 7th – 11th.

Home to over 40 rare and vintage aircraft, Fantasy of Flight is the world’s greatest aviation attraction. The facility offers a variety of guided tours including visits to their working restoration and maintenance areas. You can climb inside the cockpit of a Corsair fighter for a battle over the Pacific and then take a spin on their state-of-the-art hang glide simulator in the Fun with Flight area.

Located in Polk City, FL, Fantasy of Flight is conveniently located between the Orlando International Airport and the Tampa International Airport. Servicing over 52 million passengers a year with over 1,000 arrivals and departures daily, the two airports offer a multitude of flight options for everyone traveling to the event.

The World Cup is the crown jewel of tournament paintball; more players, more spectators, more vendors, more buzz, more significance than any other event in the industry. The event also hosts the year’s largest tradeshow where everyone that’s anyone comes to debut their latest and greatest gear for the upcoming season. It is the must attend event of the year for teams and paintball enthusiasts around the globe.

Visit www.pspevents.com for more information about the event including host hotels. Stay tuned as we add additional properties, rental homes, and tons more details for the event.

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CXBL Event 3 Photos

Some photos from the CXBl Event 3 at Ground Zero Paintball from Jeremy Maillet at PlayonPics.com

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Saturday July 4th CXBL All Star Game & E3 Results

North America Xtreme Paintball League

The NAX Paintball League recently put on one of Canada’s largest paintball events at Ground Zero Paintball in Gananoque Ontario this past weekend. The event brought together the Central division and the Eastern division of CXBL, MXL, RXL and CX4 players all to showcase how large the sport of paintball is in beautiful Canada. With the recent celebration of Canada Day on July 1st we couldn’t think of a better way to spend the follow up weekend but out at a paintball event.

8:30am Saturday July 4th

The games started bright an early on 8:30am EST Saturday morning with both divison MXL teams  taking to the fields. The Central division teams started off on with the Kitchen Recon who have yet to lose a game so far this season facing off against Guelph Storm who are going through a transition of rebuilding . The match ended in a 13 to 1 win for Recon which allowed them to keep their winning streak   The Eastern MXL division games kicked off with Blainvill Cyclones taking on Quebec Odyssee, the game ended in a flat out tie which now leaves Odyssee in 6th place over all so far this season.

12:00pm  Saturday July 4th

Saturdays games were broken up with the long awaited Border Battle 2 and since last years ended up in a tie there was much online smack talking and even some E2 video smacks thanks BackLine Media. Some were right in your face from both divison while others were a little weaker but the most Canadian smack was “Were coming, we are bringing poutine and we are not giving you any”

The All Star Game started in usual fashion with all the players lining up and the Canadian National anthem being played which was some what remixed at the end with some club beats to get everyone ready for the intense match ahead. The first point of the match went to Eastern and was quickly followed up with Central getting assessed a 5 minute major on Chop Shop player Ed Evan who also is the man behind Exalt Paintball. This allowed Eastern to take advantage and score 3 more points until some minor penalties switched the momentum back onto the Central’s side causing the East to concede 2 points due to being down on players and leaving Central with slight lead with 6 point to the East’s 5 points.

The second half was over flowing with penalties for the Eastern All Star team with a total of 24 minutes being assessed which sealed the advantage for the Central All Star team to be able to score 3 quick points to build up more steam towards a strong finish. Although being being short on players due to penalties once the 5 minute major which was assessed to Kamikaze player Gerry Harris was cleared Montreal Impact player Phil Guy put another point up for the Eastern side with 15 minutes left in the match. The addition to the Phil Guy’s point for Eastern was shortly followed up with another 5 minute major for Roxboro Legacy’s Justin Bryce, but the East still came out strong with the one player disadvantage and cause Central to concede another point to Eastern. The East struggled again with multiple penalties being called which allowed the Central team to score 3 points in the last 1:10 of the game with the Central All Star captin Todd Ancich running in to hang the final point with 1 second left in the match.

The final score left the Central All Stars being on top 13 to 7 against the Eastern All Stars and allowing them to take home the 2009 Border Battle 2 title and all the glory but sadly no poutine.

2:00pm Saturday July 4th

The MXL games followed up the All Star match with one of the fastest played games of the evening being Kanata Fallen Heroes VS Mont Royal NRG which had a top ranked Fallen Heros face off against the lower ranked NRG The Fall Heroes were ripping up the Xball field usually with 5 guns up off the break and making some quick turn around points to have the final game total to be 22 – 4 for Fallen Heroes.

With all the games has finishing up for the day the CXBL staff got to relax with some well needed food and “beverages” and the players heading off with some wins and losses not to mention the many prizes from the PBL Pod toss  in preparation for the Canadian Xtreme Paintball League Boat Party for the players.

8:00pm Saturday July 4th

While most typical paintball events would have teams gathering and going over the next days games breakout plans the night before playing there was a bit of a temptation for players to join in on the 2009 Boat Party which the league hires a private boat to tour the beautiful scenery and provide paintball players another venue to gather aside from the paintball field. While much of the party was documented by BackLine Media and PlayonPics.com but there are some parts that we could not reported on due to the crazy direction things were heading and the free shots that the CXBL Commissioner was handing out.

2:00am or 3:00am July 5th

Finally back to the camping area at Ground Zero where I got to climb into my tent to get some sleep for day two of the CXBL Event 3. After sleeping on a chair in the Ville-Marie Aggression guys room the night before post-clubbing in Kingston,  I was  lucky that the guys from Wasaga Beach played the early game in the morning so the camping area was slightly quieter than the night before or so I was told. We all know that the Beach Boyz do live up to their name especially when fireworks are involved.

Day 2 of CXBL Event 3 coming shortly….

Central Division MXL E3 Results

1 – 13

5 – 10

10 – 9

8 – 9

Eastern MXL Division E3 Results

7 – 7

9 – 2

22 – 4

11 – 6

Central All Star Game

13 – 7

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All You Need To Know About The World Cup In Toulouse

2008 Millennium Series World Cup


Teams Registered

>>> Map to the location <<<


Zone verte de sesquiere
Chemin de fenouillet
31200 Toulouse

Intercontinental Cup 2008:
Intercontinental Cup 2008
Stay tuned for more information!

Recommended hotels:

Downtown hotels:

13 place Wilson
Phone: +33 561107070
Fax: +33 561219670
Downtown by car
Single: 99 €
Double: 99 €

13 bis rue Matabiau
Phone: +33 561631063
Fax: +33 561638780
Downtown near grand station by car
Tarif room: 97 €

BEST WESTERN Grand Hôtel Les capitouls
29 allées Jean Jaurès
Phone: +33 534413121
Fax: +33 561631517
Downtown by car
Tarif room: 84 €

7 place du Capitole
Phone: +33 561611919
Fax: +33 61611908
Downtown by car
Tarif room: 160 €

5 place Alfonse Jourdain
Phone: +33 561217474
Fax: +33 561228122
Downtown by car
Single: 79 €
Twin: 89 €
Triple: 99 €

8 esplanade Compans Cafarelli
Phone: +33 561110909
Fax: +33 561231412
Downtown by car
Single: 79 €
Twin: 89 €

MERCURE Saint Georges
Rue Saint Jérome
Phone: +33 562277979
Fax: +33 562277900
Fax: +33 561231938
Downtown by car
Single: 79 €
Twin: 89 €
Triple: 99 €

Downtown centre:

39 avenue du Général de Gaulle
Phone: +33 561310600
Fax: +33 561310601
By car
Double room and twin room: 90 € weekends 150 € weekdays
Continental Buffet Breakfast Offered

1 rue du Pôle
Phone: +33 562720566
Fax: +33 562720642
Walking distance: 5 minutes
Twin: 59 €
Double: 59 €
Triple: 67 €

HOLIDAY INN Toulouse Airport
6 Place de la Révolution
Phone: +33 534368106
Fax: +33 534360030
By car
Single: 99 € (small breakfast included)
Double: 99 € (small breakfast included)

IBIS Airport
80 avenue du Parc
+33 534550455
+33 5613002823
By car
Single: 84/65 €
Twin: 84/65 €
Triple: 94/75 €

23 boulevard de Ratalens
Phone: +33 562892727
Fax: +33 562892729
By car
Studio: 50 €
T2: 72 €

NOVOTEL Aéroport
23 impasse de Maubec
Phone: +33 561150000
Fax: +33 561158844
By car
Single: 89 €
Twin: 89 €
Triple: 99 €

RN 88 Route d’Albi
31240 L’UNION
Phone: +33 562892430
Fax: +33 562892431
By car
Twin: 59 €

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