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Throw Back to 2000 & The start of Xball

Step Back Into Time Nine Year Ago

The begining of Xball started with the Nations Cup 2002

Nation’s Cup Invitational

This August 7th-11th, the “Diablo IAO” 2002 will host the World Premiere of the annual “Nation’s Cup Invitational”, a prestigious new International Paintball Title Event. The Nation’s Cup will bring hand picked “All Star Teams” from eight Nations, to represent their Country in the “Olympics of Paintball”, playing a unique Paintball Tournament format called “X Ball”.

One Captain per Country:
A single Captain from each Country, selected by the “Nation’s Cup” officiating committee, will select their own All Star Team rosters, from their own Countrymen. Each Country’s Team will travel to the Diablo International Amateur Open in Pittsburgh, to make their bid for the highest national honor in Paintball:
Bring Home the “Nation’s Cup” Title!

The Captains will be announced as soon as each Captain confirms their acceptance of this prestigious challenge. USA Captain, Bob Long, is expected to complete his special “Team USA” roster choices soon, to be announced in the coming weeks.

“X Ball” Format:
“The Nation’s Cup “X Ball” games will be the most exciting Paintball Games you’ve ever seen”, says developer Richmond Italia of Diablo Paintball. “From high atop the command tower, a digital ScoreBoard will display the score, the remaining game-time and penalty-box times, it will even display Players’ chrony-speeds, transmitted from on- field chronys!”

Italia went on to say, “ Just like hockey, Football, and Soccer, the games will be played in four quarters. Teams will be motivated to hang the flag as many times as possible before the buzzer marks the end of each quarter. Teams will face each other, game after game, hang after hang, until the period is over”. Each Flag-hang will bring a brief 3-minute re-set period for Players to get ready again. You’ll see Teams with Pit- Crews, racing to get Players re-set between games. Imagine Pit-Crew uniforms, Pit-Carts with Paint coolers, goggle and barrel cleaning stations, Speed-Pod re-fillers, and all kinds of special gear being created by each Team, in their frantic effort to get every Player ready for each re-start. As fast as physically possible, the Pit crew must handle every Player; hits cleaned, tanks re-aired, packs re-filled, barrels cleaned, thirsts quenched, all in three minutes, to be back on-field in time for the re-start. The Nation’s Cup will be played on a Custom “Ultimate AirBall” field, emblazoned with Flags of each represented country, including unique custom bunkers, created just for “X Ball” tournaments.

Traveling Trophy:
Just like the world-famous “America’s Cup” Yachting race and the “Indianapolis 500”, each year’s winner will have their Team Name and Country engraved onto the prestigious “Nation’s Cup” traveling Trophy, which will be proudly exhibited at various major Paintball events, for all to admire. National Flags will adorn the perimeter of the gleaming Nation’s Cup trophy, representing every Country in which Paintball is played around the world. Each year, the growing list of annual winners will be added to the engraved brass panels around the solid mahogany base. The spectacular “Nation’s Cup” Trophy was created by “Sparta Pewter”, one of the most respected award designers in North America.

Eight Countries compete: Rumors about this exciting event have already begun, resulting in early Team commitments from Canada, France, Portugal, England, and the USA. Who will rise to the challenge to fill the remaining three positions? Expect commitments soon from any of the following Paintball countries: Argentina, Aruba, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, or Venezuela.


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Festival of Paintball with Stockholm Joy Division Training Camp in Birmingham, UK

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All You Need To Know About Campaign Cup

So the second event in the Millennium Series is happening soon and here is everything  you need from get yourself there to making those shots count.

Register Your Team

Teams Registered

Field Layout

Where Is It

Take A look on the Map

Gloucester Park
Cranes Farm road
Basildon SS14 3DE

How to get there:

By Air:

City Airport London (LCT) just 15mins away direct flights from the following European cities.
Amsterdam, Antwerp, Basel, Belfast, Berne, Brussells, Copenhagen, Dublin, Dundee, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Geneva, Glasgow, Groninghen, Hamburg, Isle of Man, Jersey, Liverpool, Lugano, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Minich, Nice, Nuremburg, Paris, Rome, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Stuttgart & Zurich.

Stansted Airport (STD) 50 km, 27m,

Gatwick Airport (LGW) 60 km ,35m.

All above airports have rail links to Basildon which is 2 miles / 3.5 km from the site.

Carey’s Private Hire.
Pick ups and drop offs for teams call for a price.
Tel: 0844 8000163 or Mobile: 07786952485

By Rail:

Euro star to London Victoria then connect to Basildon.

Direct line from central London to Basildon

By Car:

Just 90 minutes from Dover ports follow M2 motorway to the M25 then proceed Anti clock wise towards Dartford crossing , cross the river and then proceed to junction 29 and take A 127 sothend road towards Basildon.

Just 6 mins from Junction 29 M25
Take A 127 southend road towards Basildon.

Camping available at Campaign:

Barleylands Farm approximately 2-3 miles from site. Tent Pitches are £ 6 per tent per night. Contact campsite directly:

For booking & enquiries, those interested should contact Carla on 01268 290223 or email carla@barleylands.co.uk

Recommended Hotels:

Nearest to the site (5 mins): Will be the hub where most trade are staying

Holiday Inn
Waterfront Walk
Festival Leisure Park
SS14 3DG
Tel: +44(0)870 400 9003
Fax: +44(0)1268 530119
Email: reservations-basildon@IHG.com
Single £70 per room
Twin/Double £75 per room
Executive room £95 per room (sleeps 2)

Premier Travel Inn (Basildon Festival Park)
Festival Leisure Park
Pipps Hill Road South
Off Cranes Farm Road
SS14 3WB
Tel: +44(0)870 990 6598
Fax: +44(0)870 990 6599
Email: basildonfestivalpark.gm@premiertravelinn.com
Twin/Double from £60 per room

Festival Leisure Park
Festival Way
SS14 3WB
Tel: +44(0)870 191 1508
Fax: +44(0)1268 286559
Twin/Double from £55 per room

Southend Arterial Rd
Pipps Hill
SS14 3AE
Tel: +44(0)1268 530810
Fax: +44(0)845 4566 399
Twin/Double from £52 per room

3 miles from the site:

Premier Travel Inn (Basildon East Mayne)
East Mayne
SS13 1BW
Tel: 08701 977 026
Fax: 01268 530092
Twin/Double from £53 per room

5 miles from the site:

Travelodge (Brentwood East Horndon)
A127 East Horndon
CM13 3LL
Tel: 0870 191 1516
Fax: 01277 810819
Twin/Double from £39.00 per room

7 miles from the site:

Premier Travel Inn (Basildon South) 54
High Road
Stanford le Hope
SS17 9NR
Tel: 08701 977 027
Fax: 01268 581752
Twin/Double from £54 per room

20 mins from the site:

The Essex County Hotel
Aviation Way
Tel: +44(0)1702 279955
Email: reservations@essexcountyhotel.com
Twin/Double £75 per room
* When booking ask for Petra to get this discounted rate *

Useful numbers…

Taxi Cab number – (01268) 411 411- United Taxis (01268) 555 555
Local Police number – (01268) 532212
Local Hospital number – (01268) 598536

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