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Planet Eclipse release CSL EGO Line – Panther, Prestige & Spekta

Planet Eclipse steps up their 2011 line of markers


 “Enriched with Carbon and Gold, the CSL is both striking and beautiful. From the seamless flow of the barrel and frame to the intricate detail and craftsmanship of the body. The new CSL is the epitome of class and performance with a distinctive pedigree and history that is only found in the SL mark”…

 The CSL is all about the detail. Gold screws clamp the gold-detailed grips onto the new flush fitting and screwless frame. Gold Thumbwheel and Screw on the silky smooth, bushed and re-designed C-Lever Clamping Feed. Gold LPR Torpedo and Bolt Pin. The bespoke CSL POPS system with coded gold latch pin. All co-ordinated with that lustrous carbon fibre and gold threaded weave in the all-new SL Shaft 4 Barrel Tip.

 The SL has always offered something a bit special. A bit “extra”, if you like. And this year is no exception.

 The gold accenting lifts the general appearance of the CSL into another league. All of the stainless steel parts that could be colour-coded have been, also the grip badge and body badge carry a gold chrome finish in place of the silver chrome found on the standard Ego11.

 But of course it is the new SL Shaft4 Barrel that takes the limelight. The gloss finished Carbon Fibre 14.5” and 16” tips contains a delicate gold weave, a polished gold collar, and ample porting. The backs have been stepped down a size in their range (now 0.681”, 0.685” and 0.689” bores) in order to better suit the current paint sizes around the globe. The threading and rear section use the same geometry as the Shaft4 Barrel with its increased control bore length, offering higher average velocity and improved consistency over the older Shaft SL barrels. Of course the internal bore is precision honed, as you would expect.

 In order to make the most of the stunning detailing all of the CSL the colours for this year have been designed to complement the gold theme, picking up the colour in their accented parts, but each with their own unique combination of base and contrasting elements.

 Mechanically the CSL is driven using the same solenoid with integrated Flow Control Devices as can be found on the Ego11. The Ego11 has altered perceptions on what is possible both in terms of adjustability and outright smoothness from a poppet platform. And the CSL is no different with the adjustable solenoid making it possible to dial in the marker for supreme spool valve rivalling smoothness or outright firepower at the twist of a control.

 But in other areas around the marker it’s easy to spot where those improvements that you expect to see in an SL have been made. For example the F-F or Flush Fitting Frame. Take a look and you will see that there are no longer any unsightly screw heads at the rear of the frame or inside the trigger guard. Instead, the frame is attached using a single captured free-spinning screw at the rear, and on a discrete and hidden cam-hinge at the front. The result is quicker and easier disassembly, smoother lines and improved ergonomics.

 The CSL will be shipping with the excellent Cure3+ bolt. But currently in the final stages of development we have an all-new Cure4 Bolt System. Developed with the intention to reduced stack clipping and bolt strike (where the paintball is damaged by the bolt accelerating forward and striking the stationary paintball) the new bolt includes a removable and replaceable cushioned tip. The tip is locked into position by the contoured bolt insert that is in turn held in place by the bolt pin. Complete disassembly requires no tools whatsoever. The Cure4 bolt will be made available free of charge to all CSL owners who register their marker (see inside CSL box for details).

 Continuing the long tradition of the SL range, the CSL offers a multitude of options to the owner. Electronically there is the same option of Opto or Micro trigger actuation on the board, as well as magnetic and/or spring return on the trigger. The CSL also offers the option of both a High and Low Pressure exhaust valve system which allows you tailor the efficiency and feel even further. The HP valve guide gives increased efficiency while the LP guide delivers a more gentle blast of air to the back of the ball. There is also the inclusion of the standard Ego-shaped “S” style, as well as a brand new retro “Blade”-shaped, trigger. The options included as standard with every CSL mean that there should be a set-up to suit every taste without ever the need to purchase potentially flawed aftermarket parts.

 And of course these days the options do not just stop at the hardware. Every CSL comes complete with a full E-Portal system, including software and link cables meaning that everything from the start-up splash screen to the software version can be adjusted and uploaded from a PC.

 As you can see, there is little that has been left untouched on the New CSL. And after all, The devil is in the detail, as they say…


 Bespoke CSL Body
 Bespoke CSL F-F (Flush Fitting) Trigger Frame

 Bespoke CSL Cure4 Soft Faced Bolt With Gold Bolt Pin

 Bespoke CSL 5-Piece SL Shaft4 Shaft Barrel Kit

 Bespoke CSL Carbon Fibre Tips With Gold Weave

 Bespoke CSL Contoured dual density Grips with Gold Logo

 Bespoke CSL Gold Hardware

 Bespoke CSL Circuit Board With USB Interface – Cable and Software Included

 Bespoke CSL Dual Triggers – “Blade” and “S” Style Triggers Included

 Bespoke CSL Dual Valve Guides – HP and LP Valve Guide Kit

 Bespoke CSL Zick2 Rammer Kit

 Bespoke CSL POPS Assembly

 Bespoke CSL Smooth Clamping Feed Assembly – With Gold Sprocket Wheel

 Bespoke CSL Contoured Eye Covers

 Lazer-Eyes Red BBSS System

 Exclusive PBNation CSL Badge


 Bespoke MAC Solenoid with Adjustable Flow Controls

 Fully Adjustable Bolt and Rammer Speed for reduced Kick

 SL3 Inline Regulator With Angled Swivel

 Dual Density Rubber Console and Frame Grip

 Cure3+ Bolt

 Zick2 Rammer Shaft and Cap

 Increase Longevity of Internal Components

 New LP Supply Protection System

 92% larger transflective LCD Display

 Adjustable Tru-Colour RGB LCD Backlite

 16-Bit Microprocessor – 16 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second)

 Improved Solenoid Drive Circuitry for increased Velocity Consistency

 New Graphical User Interface

 Ultra-Lightweight Monoform Body

 Deftek Offset Feed Tube

 Integrated Rammer Housing

 Integrated FRM

 Offset Bores

 Micro + Opto Switch Board

 Dual Instrument Grade Ball-Raced Trigger

 Dual Trigger Return Mechanisms – Magnetic and Spring Trigger

 T-Slot Rail Mounting System

 Integrated Audible Sounding Device


 Panther, Spekta, Prestige


 Length: 540 mm

 Height: 211 mm

 Width: 31 mm

 Weight: 828g/1.82lb

 All Measurements include Barrel (14.5”), POPS, Battery, Ready-to-go:


 1 x 14.5” Carbon Fibre Front Section 0.700” Bore

 1 x 16” Carbon Fibre Front Section 0.700” Bore

 1 x Rear Section – 0.681” Bore

 1 x Rear Section – 0.685” Bore

 1 x Rear Section – 0.689” Bore


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Planet Eclipse Geo2

Check out the images of the Planet Eclipse Geo2.

Make sure you pre order yours at the new Planet Eclipse website http://www.planeteclipse.com

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Planet Eclipse Presents Sacramento XSV – Beatdown City

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Planet Eclipse Cure3 Bolt for EGO & Etek Markers

By utilizing the latest technology in High Speed Video Imaging we have been able to further refine the already outstanding Cure2 Bolt for the Eclipse Ego.

The Cure3 allows for perfect positioning of the ball in the breech for every shot, and the new upper ramp profile offers 2 distinct improvements over its predecessor. The first is that is further reduces the impact of the second ball in the feed stack and the subsequent compression of all the balls in the stack above it. And secondly, it allows faster load times as the stack is already partially lowered into the breech as the bolt starts to retract meaning a shorter drop distance and time during the loading phase of the cycle.

The Cure3 Bolt will fit all previous Egos, but will require the fitment of the standard pin from your existing bolt. Spare Plunger and Spring Included.

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Planet Eclipse EGO9 & GEO

There has been a large  amount of buzz going around about when Planet Eclipse would be releasing a glimpse of the new marker for the 2009 season. There has been plenty of talk of if it will be a new design with a spool for internals or the usual Planet machine house with poppet valve internals. Either way here are the teaser photos and some photos of testing out the new marker. Check out the EGO 09 discussion over at PbNation for more flames and trolls than a Harry Potter movie.

Be sure to join the Planet Eclipse Fan Page if you use Facebook to keep up to date on any more new details, photos or videos.

Don’t forget to ask at your local paintball shop to

see if you can pre order your EGO 09 or GEO of just go

directly to Planet Eclipse

When Planet Eclipse manufactured the first Ego it created an overnight revolution in the world of tournament-level Poppet-Valve based markers. By combining reliability, efficiency, performance, ease of maintenance, light weight, balanced design and compact dimensions in a package that was as easy to tech and service as it was to shoot high-speed strings on the field, it became an instant success with players, techs, and dealers alike.

4 years on, and with 3 years of development and testing behind it, Eclipse are ready to do to the Spool-Valve market what they did to the Poppet-Valve market back in late 2004.

The Eclipse Geo has been designed and developed to neutralise all the traditional negative aspects of spool-valve based markers. It offers exceptional air efficiency. It has the fewest possible number of dynamic seals. Yet it still has a Gas Supply Isolation mechanism built into the firing cycle. It is as easy to tech as any other Eclipse marker. It is incredibly reliable. It is compact, balanced and amazingly lightweight. It is everything that Eclipse stands for.

Yet there would be no point in the development of this product if it eschewed the core values of what people like and demand from a spool-valve marker. Smooth operation with a low reciprocating mass (the bolt is the only moving part and weighs less than 18grams). Low operating pressure between 110-135psi. And a quiet sound signature.

What the Eclipse Geo now offers is all of the benefits of a spool-valve marker, with none of the drawbacks.

Add to that the features that have become synonymous with Recent Eclipse markers such as Def-Tek feed technology, Heads-Up LCD module, Opto and Micro trigger operation, Break Beam Sensor System, Dual magnetic and Spring Trigger Return System, light weight and ergonomic design, simple maintenance and bullet-proof reliability, and the result is a marker that draws on all the key Eclipse traits and principles to add an exciting new shooting platform to the range.

Planet Eclipse EGO09 & GEO Details

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Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse Ego is an electropneumatic, open bolt, paintball marker manufactured by Planet Eclipse. The Ego was first introduced in late 2004 (as the 2005 model) and has since become very popular in a relatively short amount of time, especially on the tournament scene. This is in part due to its stylish milling, ease of maintenance, and reliability.


2008 Ego
Type Poppet Valve Electropneumatic
Action Semi-Automatic with Ramp (NPPL, PSP, Millennium, CFOA modes)
Barrel 14 inch
Bore .693 (stock)
Rate of fire capable of over 30 balls per second
Retail Price $1250 (US)


The Ego utilizes poppet valve technology like the Bob Long Intimidator, Indian Creek Designs Promaster, and WDP Angel. Compared to spool valve markers like the Smart Parts Shocker and the Dye Matrix, the Ego typically is louder and has more perceived recoil, but the marker boasts better gas efficiency (manifested as more “shots” per air tank fill). Fewer internal moving parts also make the Ego operationally simpler thus easier to clean and maintain than many other popular electropneumatic paintball markers.


A speedball player shooting an Ego7.

A speedball player shooting an Ego7.

Stock models

  • 2005 Ego: First model year. Built around an adapted E-blade electropneumatic frame, first developed by Planet Eclipse for autocockers.
  • 2006 Ego: E-Blade frame further integrated into the marker. Shorter stock bolt lowering recoil. Longer regulator allows lower operating pressure. Improved electronics board.
  • Ego7 (2007): Renamed the Ego7, this model featured extensive milling to reduce weight. Almost all of the internal components were replaced and upgraded compared with the 2006 model. Key improvements included an integrated FRM and rammer body, a new board with both a micro and optical switch, standard cure bolt, and T-slot style rail mounting. None of the parts, save for the barrel, detents, bolt, regulator, and break beam eyes, are interchangeable with previous models.
  • Ego8 (2008): While the Ego7 was a revolutionary improvement over the 2006 Ego, the Ego8 is more of an evolutionary improvement over its predecessor. Key improvements include more milling to reduce weight, a built-in Zero-Kick (“Zick”) kit, and dual QEVs built into a QEV block. A new LCD on the 4.0 version board features black-on-white text that is very easy to read in the sunlight. Some claim that the Ego8 is just an SL74 at a lower price. Although there are some similarities between the Ego8 and the SL74 (among them being an SL-style regulator, SL-style trigger, the Zick kit, and SL74 milling), there are quite a few differences. The 2008 Ego is heavier than the SL74 (by 50g), does not have laser eyes, does not include a barrel kit, features a new QEV mounting block that is easier to service and clean than individual QEVs, and the front frame screw has been moved into the trigger guard area to give more room for ones thumb behind the regulator. Also, the Ego8’s packaging is different. The 2008 model comes in a white plastic case (“pod”) that resembles Apple-designed products.

ETek Ego

ETek Ego

ETek Ego

  • ETek: Introduced in 2006, the ETek was priced much lower than standard Egos as a mid-range alternative to Planet Eclipse’s flagship Ego. It was lighter than the stock 2006 and 2005 versions and featured different milling and simplified features. The LCD screen was replaced with 3 LED buttons, the QEVs were removed, and it featured a microswitch in place of the optical switch on the electronics board.
  • ETek2: Announced in November 2007 and available soon thereafter, the ETek2 is the second generation ETek. Improvements over the original ETek include a lighter weight, new circuit board, redesigned trigger frame, new on/off air system, new inline regulator, new low pressure regulator, and standard 2-piece Shaft barrel. Some have commented that these upgrades make the ETek2 effectively an SL66.[1]

Special editions

Along with their yearly modifications, Planet Eclipse produces several in-house custom, as well as “private label” markers, based on the custom-tuned versions they issue to professional teams they sponsor.

SL66 XSV Ego

SL66 XSV Ego

SL74 Ego

SL74 Ego

  • SL66: Also appearing in 2006, the SL66 was a more expensive “pro” edition of the Ego 06. It featured extensive milling to cut down weight, some new board features, and a new bolt system. Interestingly, the SL66 reverted back to a traditional spring system instead of a magnetic system for the tigger return. SL66 Egos are no longer in production, having been supplanted by the new SL74.
  • SL74: The latest special edition Ego. Based on the 07 platform, the SL74 is an even bigger jump in improvements than what was featured in the SL66. At only 1.89 pounds, it is the lightest aluminum paintball marker ever produced. It incorporates a new inline regulator, redesigned trigger, dual QEVs, laser eyes, the new Zick (zero-kick) kit, and comes standard with the Eclipse Shaft barrel kit.
  • SL8R: The newest special edition ego. Released in 2008, it has a different, more stylish milling. The bolt can cycle at speeds of 55 bps and the BBSS system can perform of rates over 35 bps.

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