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2009 CXBL All Star Roster Announced


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2009 Smart Parts Impulse Video

The new 2009 Smart Parts Impulse

2009 Smart Parts Impulse
On June 16th 2009 PBL got to see the latest marker out of the Smart Parts camp which is now the most coveted marker in the industry. Only a select few have had a chance to look at it so far and PBL will be the first to sell it. Do you want to own it first? Then come to the CXBL’s Event 3; The Border Battle, in Gananoque, Ontario July 4th and 5th. The first couple of Impulses will be on display and for sale in PBL’s massive show trailer along with other great products.

Graham Easton, Smart Parts Senior Sales Executive, came to PBL to show all the staff what it can do. We learned about it, we held it and we shot it. The impulse got a heart transplant and wow, it’s beating harder than ever! It shoots amazing! There is barely any kick, and it has ball on ball precision (even when missing a detent, like the one we were testing).

The main reason it shoots so well is because of its dual regulator system inside the grip. The dual regulation allows extremely low bolt force which makes the Impulse gentle on paint and lets it shoot without kick!

The Impulse has been reincarnated and you can be there for its rebirth on July 4th and 5th thanks to PBL and the CXBL!

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CXBL Border Battle 2

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