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Millennium Series Speaks Out On Germany Paintball Ban

The Millennium Paintball Series 2008 News
Statement from the Millennium Series Regarding the Potential Paintball Ban in Germany

Dear Paintball Community,

As you are all probably aware in Germany over the last few days a move has been proposed by some German politicians to ban paintball. With this in mind I thought it best to express the Millenniums view and of course clarify the status of our next round of the series in Bitburg .

Firstly the event is going ahead as planned as no ban can be imposed before our date. Firstly it has to be debated by the German parliament before any ban, if passed, can be imposed and this cannot take place before the event.

Secondly we feel it is imperative that every player, field owner and paintball business across Europe rally to support the German leg of the Millennium to show to the general public and politicians’ that paintball is a truly international sport, that it is full of committed athletes and is not just a minority sport.

Not to do so would be potentially dangerous for all of us in other European countries, as a ban in such an important country as Germany could set a dangerous precedent for other member states making it easier to follow.

We at the Millennium are putting everything we can into making the return to Bitburg a major success and are doing whatever we can to support the efforts being made by the German paintball federation, leagues and industry to fight off such a ban.  I cannot urge you all enough to do the same and help us make it the success it needs to be, if you planed even to come to just one of our events this year I urge you to make it Bitburg . Please do not be ostriches and bury your head in the sand, we all have a lot to lose here. Lack of action now could lead to a creeping ban across the whole of Europe.

Kind regards

Barry Fuggle on behalf of the Millennium Series.

Barry Fuggle
CEO Millennium Series


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