National Leagues

  • NCPA – (National Collegiate Paintball Association), Nationwide association that sanctions college and high school competition, broadcast on College Sports Television Network in the summers of 2005 and 2006, and Fox College Sports in the summers of 2007, 2008 and 2009.
  • NPPL – (National Professional Paintball League), Nationwide tournament circuit featuring 7-man format, broadcast on ESPN2 in the spring of 2006
  • USPL -(United States Paintball League) With Sixteen Professional Teams have formed the US Paintball League. The player-owned league is dedicated to growing the sport of paintball at all levels of the game.
  • PSP – (Paintball Sports Promotions), Nationwide tournament circuit featuring the X-Ball format. PSP’s Professional division is known as the NXL, broadcast on ESPN2 in December, 2004
  • Millennium Series – Pan-European paintball league
  • WPL – (World Paintball League, 3-man league formerly broadcast on UPN) The WPL ceased operations as of April, 2006.

Canadian Leagues

  • APBL – Atlantic Paintball League, Atlantic Canada
  • BCBL – BC Bushball League, BC, Canada
  • BCPPL – BC Paintball Players League, BC, Canada
  • CSPPL – Canadian Senario Paintball Players League
  • CXBL – Canadian X-Ball League
  • IPL – Interior Paintball League, BC, Canada
  • MR Series – MR Paintball Series, Alberta, Canada
  • NAX – North American Xtreme Paintball League
  • OPPL – OPPL, Ontario Paintball Players League, Ontario, Canada
  • PSL – Prairie Speedball League – Saskatchewan Canada
  • SPS – Splatters Paintball Series, Manitoba, Canada

United States Leagues

  • APL – (Atlas Paintball League), New Jersey US
  • AXBL – (American Xtreme Paintball League), Northeast US
  • CCPL – (Captain Carl’s Paintball League) Pennsylvania, US
  • CFOA – (The Carolina Field Owner’s Association), Southeast US
  • CTS – (Crossroads Tournament Series), Midwest US
  • GPL – (Global Paintball League)
  • Chi-Town Series – (Chi-Town Series), Midwest US
  • MPS – (Midwest Paintball Series), Midwest US
  • NAX – North American Xtreme Paintball League
  • NEPL – (New England Paintball League), Northeast US
  • SCXL – (Southern California Xball League)Southern California US
  • SXPL – (Southeastern Xtreme Paintball League), Southeast US
  • XPSL – (Xtreme Paintball Sports League), West Coast US

United Kingdom Leagues

  • IXL – Irish 5 man X-Ball League
  • IPL -The Irish Paintball League (formerly the Irish Xball League) was formed in 2008 by players for players.
  • Paintball Association – United Kingdom

Latin America Leagues

  • Argentine Paintball Association
  • CSP Circuito Sudamericano de Paintball, South American 5-man speedball
  • LAPPL – Latin America Professional Paintball League, International tournament circuit featuring 7-man format
  • MXBALL3 – México X-Ball League Series

Asia & Pacific Leagues

  • S7s – Australian Super 7s
  • AXL – Australian X-Ball
  • PALS – Paintball-Asia League Series, Asia/Asia Pacific

European Leagues

African Leagues

  • SAPPL – South African Professional Paintball League

Middle Eastern Leagues

  • PALM – Paintball League Middle East
  • ENPL – Emirates National Paintball League
  • MEP – Middle East Paintball

Tactical Paintball Leagues

  • TTPL – TTPL (Tactical-Ten-Paintball-League)
  • SPPL – Scenario Paintball Players League
  • ASPPL Australian Scenario Paintball Players League
  • BC Tactical – British Columbia Tactical Paintball
  • SPL Belgium Scenario Paintball League Belgium
  • TPL – Tactical Paintball League in Calgary Alberta Canada