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NPPL Chicago Open Layout & Details

The NPPL 2011 Chicago Open and Living Legends IV – The Ultimate Vendor Opportunity!

When hundreds of the very best tournament paintball players in the world converge on CPX Sports Park in Joliet, Illinois along with thousands of scenario and recreational players, the result is the ultimate vendor opportunity! For the second year, the NPPL Chicago Open paintball tournament will be held alongside the amazing Living Legends scenario experience, bringing professional and divisional tournament players together with recreational and scenario players – both fun-loving and die-hard. The result is the best of all worlds for any paintball company, large or small, looking for the ideal event at which to vend and show off their products as hundreds of tournament and thousands of recreational and scenario players come together at one place, for one incredible weekend of paintball festivities!

May 20-22, 2011, some of the most famous people in the paintball world will make the trip to CPX Sports in Joliet for the Living Legends 4 scenario event, while others compete on the world stage in the NPPL Chicago Open tournament. Joining these paintball celebrities and professional athletes will be dozens of representatives of the paintball news media, ensuring that sponsors, vendors and their products receive massive coverage in words, pictures and videos spread around the world! Hundreds of divisional players will also compete in the NPPL Chicago Open tournament, while spectators, friends and family cheer them on! Meanwhile, thousands of camouflage-clad scenario and recreational players will hit the woods and remarkable themed fields of CPX to square off in the Living Legends scenario.

Paintball companies no longer have to choose between the large crowds of major scenario events or the cool atmosphere and massive media coverage of professional tournaments at which to display their products, greet customers and dealers and make sales: the NPPL 2011 Chicago Open and Living Legends 4 will bring it all together in one place, for one affordable price!

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Dye Precision Presents: Ollie Lang And The Dye NT

A quick preview of the new Dye NT following Oliver Lang at the Dye Precision headquarters.

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2009 USPL Surf City Open Prelim Highlights

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Brandon Short DM9 From DYE Precision

Brandon Short DM9

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US Paintball League’s West Coast Open July 24 – 26, 2009

The US Paintball League’s next stop will be at the world famous SC Village in Corona, California for the West Coast Open July 24 – 26, 2009.

This Southern California event is the result of merging two originally scheduled events; the June Bay City Open event with the August West Coast Open.  The July 24 – 26 date is late enough to avoid scheduling conflicts such as Father’s Day, Graduations and the 4th of July; yet early enough to allow kids to compete before having to return to school.  This will also allow teams ample time to save up money and get some great practices in at their local fields prior to the event.

To ensure the level of professionalism and competition that comes along with a US Paintball League event is maintained, the league will be bringing in their very own NPPL turf to lay down as the playing surface for each field.  NPPL PRO Refs and Rules will be in full effect and the Tradeshow will without a doubt satisfy all your mid-season paintball shopping needs.  Paint will be available for purchase from the paint manufacturers on-site.

The West Coast Open will offer 7 man and 5 man play across the following divisions:
Professional 7 man
Division 1 7man
Division 2 7man
Division 3 7man
Division 3 5man

Summer Savings!
Pay for your team entry during the month of May and you can save $350! The US Paintball League will be rewarding early birds with a discount of up to $350 off full entry for teams who pay in May or up to $175 off for teams who pay in June.  Registration is now open at – with entry fees as low as $950, you can’t afford to miss this National event, so register your team today and save!

For more information on prizes, pricing, and the tradeshow or to enter your team and save up to $350, visit the Event section of today!

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iPhone BPS Meter

Wherever you go, whatever field or game format, players now have the ability to track their rate of fire with nearly the same accuracy as a PACT timer. The BPS Meter for the iPhone is designed to be simple and easy to use. Don’t get us wrong- this isn’t a replacement for the PACT, but it certainly provides an inexpensive and more widely available tool for players (if you’re willing to put your $400 phone next to a paintball marker).

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USPL PEVS DC Challenge Rescheduled and NPPL Returning

There have been some major changes in the last 24 hours with the USPL. They have consolidated to four events, rescheduled the DC Challenge, and may be adopting the NPPL name next season.

Here is the Press Release from the USPL:

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – April 29, 2009 – The US Paintball League (USPL) is committed to hosting great events and working to ensure that the schedule and venues are well planned and well executed. Following the successful season opener at Huntington Beach, the league has been speaking with many teams and evaluating the overall plan for 2009. After careful consideration, we have decided to adjust the schedule and the remaining venues to better suit the needs of our divisional team base and to better enable us to provide the best service to our customer base.

Effective immediately, USPL is rescheduling the PEVS DC Challenge and announcing that it will host three remaining events for 2009. By reducing the number of 2009 events to 4 total events, we will ensure that the level of quality and prestige remains as expected. This will also allow our teams the necessary time to recover between league events and to physically and financially prepare to compete in the USPL 7 Man Series.

The US Paintball League has purchased all the trade marks and rights to the National Professional Paintball League (NPPL) Super 7 World Series. Currently the US Paintball League will maintain the NPPL sanctioning rules and committees. The team members are in the process of deciding whether or not to use the NPPL name in the coming year.

The Eastern and Western Conference titles for every division will be determined by each team’s top three scores (The DC Challenge in August must be included to win the Eastern Conference and the West Coast Open must be included to win the Western Conference). All 16 Professional teams will be competing in each event this season. DC Arsenal is currently leading the Eastern Pro Conference while San Diego Dynasty is leading the Western Pro Conference. The World Championships this October will be open to all teams as well as international teams looking to compete at the National level.

Event Prizes
The USPL will announce additional product and cash prizes on our web site May 10, 2009.

Series Prizes
A Series Prize Package will be announced for all Divisions which includes Free Entry into the 2010 Huntington Beach event (scheduled for April 9 – 11, 2010), as well as a gun sponsorship for all National Series 7man winners from Bob Long (more details coming May 10, 2009)!

DC Challenge Postponed
The DC Challenge has been postponed until August 28 – 30, 2009. If your team has already paid and registered for the DC Challenge, please phone the league at (714) 858-1923 or email for details. USPL stands behind you, therefore, call us with questions and let us resolve any issues with teams needing reimbursements for changing flight schedules, hotel booking fees, etc.

New 2009 Schedule
Event 1: Surf City Open, Huntington Beach, CA – April 3 – 5, 2009 (Completed and a great success!)
Event 2: West Coast Open – Dates and Venue to be confirmed shortly
Event 3: DC Challenge, Pev’s Paintball Park, Aldie, VA – August 28 – 30, 2009 CONFIRMED
Event 4: World Championships, Las Vegas, NV – October 2 – 4, 2009 (Venue TBA)

Current Rankings
The current rankings after Event 1 include the following leaders (full rankings listed on and :

1st DC Arsenal
2nd San Diego Dynasty
3rd Oakland Blast
4th Los Angeles Infamous

Division 1
1st Dynasty Entourage
2nd Arsenal Evolution
3rd Hollywood HK
4th Vicious

Division 2
1st Arsenal Predators
2nd LA Endurance
3rd Black Cell
4th Fuzion

Division 3
1st Sadistik
2nd SCP Edge
3rd Impact Kids
4th Critical Wrecking Crew

Division 3 5-man
1st Davis Excessive
2nd Sick Individuals
3rd Team Rip
4th Surgical Strike

1st LA
2nd GAT Products Factory
3rd Chikun Nuggets
4th Slow Moving Targets

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There are not many things paintball related outside of the actual events that amaze me but has done a great job with their recent project, the Skybus.


The Skydeck

The PbNation Skydeck is a unique vehicle as only about 100 of these units were every made and this one will be refurbished and customized specifically for use by PbNation staff, members and sponsors.

The Skydeck is a two story motor coach with a patio deck for 15 on the top floor.

On the inside in the front is a stairwell to the top deck (only interior stairwell on a motor coach).

In the midsection will be another sofa and Pullman bunk with a dropdown TV. (This is a custom add so no pictures)

In the rear is a bedroom that will be replaced with a lounge with two sofas, big screen TV and audio system and other goodies.

View down hallway…

Final product including a paint job which will turn heads along many interstates this summer. Skybus

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USPL Huntington Beach 2009


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Los Angeles Ironmen Pro School 2009

Sissos, in co-operation with Progames, RPS and DYE proudly presents to you, the Los Angeles Ironmen Proschool.

The event will take place in Kirkkonummi , Finland (30min drive from the capital, Helsinki ) on 11-12 th of July 2009. It is a two day event with three Ironmen players flying over here for the pro clinic. The Ironmen players will be Mikko Huttunen, Xalo Almeida and Billy Wing so the level of talent to learn from is sky high. Price for both days is 150€ and can be paid either in advance to Sissos Finland or at the event. The clinic will have limited number of spots for it so the only way of securing yours is to pre pay in advance.

Starting times for both days will be 10 AM and the training will continue until 5 PM with a lunch break in between.

Sissos will sell paint on site and this is a field paint only event.

Several different paint brands will be available.

40€ / Case Formula 13 / Nightmare

45€ / Case RPS Premium / RAMP

50€ / Case Allstar / Evil / Marballizer

You can pre register and pay in advance on our webshop: Here

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