Saturday July 4th CXBL All Star Game & E3 Results

North America Xtreme Paintball League

The NAX Paintball League recently put on one of Canada’s largest paintball events at Ground Zero Paintball in Gananoque Ontario this past weekend. The event brought together the Central division and the Eastern division of CXBL, MXL, RXL and CX4 players all to showcase how large the sport of paintball is in beautiful Canada. With the recent celebration of Canada Day on July 1st we couldn’t think of a better way to spend the follow up weekend but out at a paintball event.

8:30am Saturday July 4th

The games started bright an early on 8:30am EST Saturday morning with both divison MXL teams  taking to the fields. The Central division teams started off on with the Kitchen Recon who have yet to lose a game so far this season facing off against Guelph Storm who are going through a transition of rebuilding . The match ended in a 13 to 1 win for Recon which allowed them to keep their winning streak   The Eastern MXL division games kicked off with Blainvill Cyclones taking on Quebec Odyssee, the game ended in a flat out tie which now leaves Odyssee in 6th place over all so far this season.

12:00pm  Saturday July 4th

Saturdays games were broken up with the long awaited Border Battle 2 and since last years ended up in a tie there was much online smack talking and even some E2 video smacks thanks BackLine Media. Some were right in your face from both divison while others were a little weaker but the most Canadian smack was “Were coming, we are bringing poutine and we are not giving you any”

The All Star Game started in usual fashion with all the players lining up and the Canadian National anthem being played which was some what remixed at the end with some club beats to get everyone ready for the intense match ahead. The first point of the match went to Eastern and was quickly followed up with Central getting assessed a 5 minute major on Chop Shop player Ed Evan who also is the man behind Exalt Paintball. This allowed Eastern to take advantage and score 3 more points until some minor penalties switched the momentum back onto the Central’s side causing the East to concede 2 points due to being down on players and leaving Central with slight lead with 6 point to the East’s 5 points.

The second half was over flowing with penalties for the Eastern All Star team with a total of 24 minutes being assessed which sealed the advantage for the Central All Star team to be able to score 3 quick points to build up more steam towards a strong finish. Although being being short on players due to penalties once the 5 minute major which was assessed to Kamikaze player Gerry Harris was cleared Montreal Impact player Phil Guy put another point up for the Eastern side with 15 minutes left in the match. The addition to the Phil Guy’s point for Eastern was shortly followed up with another 5 minute major for Roxboro Legacy’s Justin Bryce, but the East still came out strong with the one player disadvantage and cause Central to concede another point to Eastern. The East struggled again with multiple penalties being called which allowed the Central team to score 3 points in the last 1:10 of the game with the Central All Star captin Todd Ancich running in to hang the final point with 1 second left in the match.

The final score left the Central All Stars being on top 13 to 7 against the Eastern All Stars and allowing them to take home the 2009 Border Battle 2 title and all the glory but sadly no poutine.

2:00pm Saturday July 4th

The MXL games followed up the All Star match with one of the fastest played games of the evening being Kanata Fallen Heroes VS Mont Royal NRG which had a top ranked Fallen Heros face off against the lower ranked NRG The Fall Heroes were ripping up the Xball field usually with 5 guns up off the break and making some quick turn around points to have the final game total to be 22 – 4 for Fallen Heroes.

With all the games has finishing up for the day the CXBL staff got to relax with some well needed food and “beverages” and the players heading off with some wins and losses not to mention the many prizes from the PBL Pod toss  in preparation for the Canadian Xtreme Paintball League Boat Party for the players.

8:00pm Saturday July 4th

While most typical paintball events would have teams gathering and going over the next days games breakout plans the night before playing there was a bit of a temptation for players to join in on the 2009 Boat Party which the league hires a private boat to tour the beautiful scenery and provide paintball players another venue to gather aside from the paintball field. While much of the party was documented by BackLine Media and but there are some parts that we could not reported on due to the crazy direction things were heading and the free shots that the CXBL Commissioner was handing out.

2:00am or 3:00am July 5th

Finally back to the camping area at Ground Zero where I got to climb into my tent to get some sleep for day two of the CXBL Event 3. After sleeping on a chair in the Ville-Marie Aggression guys room the night before post-clubbing in Kingston,  I was  lucky that the guys from Wasaga Beach played the early game in the morning so the camping area was slightly quieter than the night before or so I was told. We all know that the Beach Boyz do live up to their name especially when fireworks are involved.

Day 2 of CXBL Event 3 coming shortly….

Central Division MXL E3 Results

1 – 13

5 – 10

10 – 9

8 – 9

Eastern MXL Division E3 Results

7 – 7

9 – 2

22 – 4

11 – 6

Central All Star Game

13 – 7


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