Millennium Series Bitburg MAXS European Masters CPL & SPL Draws Announced

The Millennium Series has announced the CPL & SPL matches for the second leg of the 2009 Millennium Series.

Draw CPL 2009 – Bitburg

Draw SPL 2009 – Bitburg

Draw CPL 2009 – Bitburg [Germany] MAXS European Masters:

Group A Group B
London Nexus Joy Stockholm
Toulouse Tontons Budapest Bullets
Offenbach Comin At Ya Chilli Peppers Riga
Stockholm Ignition London Shock
Group C Group D
Frankfurt Syndicate Ramstein Instinct
Copenhagen Ducks San Diego Dynasty
Vision PPC Grenoble SK Moscow
Marseille Icon Oslo Menace

Hats CPL 2009 – Bitburg [Germany] MAXS European Masters:

Hat 1 Hat 2
London Nexus San Diego Dynasty
Joy Stockholm Copenhagen Ducks
Frankfurt Syndicate Budapest Bullets
Ramstein Instinct Toulouse Tontons
Hat 3 Hat 4
Offenbach Comin At Ya Oslo Menace
Chilli Peppers Riga Marseille Icon
Vision PPC Grenoble London Shock
SK Moscow Stockholm Ignition

Draw SPL 2009 – Bitburg [Germany] MAXS European Masters:

Group A Group B
Paris B4 Consilium Dei Zurich
Brussels Crossfire Art Chaos Moscow
Sigur Riga Amsterdam Xistence
Hellwood Paris Ugly Ducklings Odense
Group C Group D
Birmingham Disruption Toulouse Dagnir Dae
Paris Camp Carnage Drammen Solid
Influence DornbirnDaltons
London Tigers Instinct Gemoss Liepaja
Group E Group F
Ronins PBW Haguenau Blackout Charleroi
Xtreme Allstars Cologne Outrage Valence
Notorious London Vienna United
Copenhagen Ducks 2 Duesseldorf Reckless
Group G
Sucy PAC Ultimate
Lisbon Benfica
Troja Prague
Breakout Spa

Hats SPL 2009 – Bitburg [Germany] MAXS European Masters:

Hat 1 Hat 2
Paris B4 Lisbon Benfica
Consilium Dei Zurich Outrage Valence
Birmingham Disruption Xtreme Allstars Cologne
Toulouse Dagnir Dae Drammen Solid
Ronins PBW Haguenau Paris Camp Carnage
Blackout Charleroi Art Chaos Moscow
Sucy PAC Ultimate Brussels Crossfire
Hat 3 Hat 4
Sigur Riga Breakout Spa
Amsterdam Xistence Duesseldorf Reckless
Influence Montpellier Copenhagen Ducks 2
Dornbirn Daltons Instinct Gemoss Liepaja
Notorious London London Tigers
Vienna United Ugly Ducklings Odense
Troja Prague Hellwood Paris



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