NPPL Buffalo Results

The NPPL event in Buffalo, NY is taking place from July 17 – 19, 2008.

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Held outside of Ralph Wilson Stadium, this will be the first NPPL Super 7 World Series event held in New York.
1) Golden State Ironmen
2) New England Hurricanes
3) San Diego Dynasty
4) Sacramento XSV


1) Arsenal Evolution
2) Dynasty Entourage
3) Phoenix United
4) Method of Destruction

Division 1

1) Arsenal Kidz
2) New England Xpress
3) Aftermath II
4) DC Monstars

Division 2

1) Miami Rage
2) Go 4 Broke
3) D.C. Arsenal Predators
4) Infamy

Division 3

1) NV
2) C.S. Union
3) Paintball Authority Kids
4) Crims Factory

Pump Division

1) Coney Island Whitefish
2) Bay City Pump
3) Canadian Response
4) Fox4’s Finest

See The Full Event Results Below

Full Preliminary Round Scores

Full Sunday Scores



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