The Paintball Kid?

A Major Motion Picture (in production)
The Paintball Kid TM
Budget: $25,000,000
Production Date: Spring 2009
Location: USA, Canada, Shanghai, London, Paris, Hong Kong and Dubai

Motion Picture Principals from America and China met on the studios of Paramount to work on the first joint USA/China production, A Journey of 10,000 Miles. Now they return for a new challenge, The Paintball Kid.

From left to right: Producer, Jack Woo; Shanghai Film Studios Executive, James Zhong; American Associate Producer, Ian Jones; International Production Coordinator, Stephen Ho; Writer/Director, Warren Chaney; Chinese Ministry of Travel, Hu Wang Jin; Production Management, Barbara Evans, and Executive Producer, Sir Michael Tielmann.

The Paintball Kid TM, is a coming of age action/adventure epic that will be filmed in exotic locations worldwide from the US and Canada to China. Oklahoma D-Day Adventure Park, world’s largest paintball field, will be the anchor battle ground for action/stunt filming and other paintball fields are in process to be selected as well. It marks the first joint American/Chinese effort employing paintball as the theme in a major motion picture. Shanghai Film Studios will serve as the principle studio overseas while studios in Hollywood, Houston and Dallas, Texas will be used for principal photography in the US and Canada.

The Paintball game industry, serves as background for the film’s story. Arrangement is currently being made to film on location at major paintball events throughout the world. The film’s story occurs within the context of actual scenario and tournament games that are on-going. The Paintball Kid TM, is expected to draw enormous attention to one of the world’s fast growing sports.

Leading and major supporting actors are being cast out of Hollywood. However, one of the leading roles and several supporting roles will be selected from real paintball players. All paintball scenario and tournament players are eligible for casting and are encouraged to follow the event broadcasts, pending announcement of casting.

The Paintball Kid TM production team, already signed for production of the film includes:

Producer – Jack Woo, from the Shanghai Film Studios was the recipient of the European Film Festival Award for Best Director. He has worked with many notables including Oscar Award nominee actress, Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tigers, Memoirs of Geisha, House of Flying Dagger and Hero with Jet Li as co-starring). Woo aided in the production of such well-known films as Empire of the Sun and General Patton and has produced more than 200 TV series for Shanghai Film Studios in addition to numerous motion pictures.

Writer/Director – Dr. Warren Chaney has received numerous awards for his work including those for writing and directing. His work on the famous 1999 series, World in Crisis, received numerous accolades, as did his award winning production, America: A Call to Greatness, starring Charlton Heston, Mickey Rooney and Peter Graves. Chaney is credited with the discovery of film star Tia Carrere during his 1994 film, Aloha Summer.

Carrere went on to become a major film star in such productions as Wayne’s world, The Russia House, and Arnold Schwarzenneger’s True Lies. During his career, Chaney has directed such notables as Jane Russell, Richard Roundtree, Dick Van Patten, Academy Award Winner, Rita Moreno, and famous Japanese action star, Sho Kosugi (Enter the Ninja, the Last Ninja, etc.).

In addition to his film work, Dr. Chaney has written 14 books including 3 best sellers and 84 articles for professional and non-professional magazines and journals. He has written 12 screenplays and produced 9 feature films, and directed 6 others on top of hundreds of episodic television productions. Crossing film lines, Dr. Chaney has written entries for Collier’s Encyclopedia, 24 theatrical plays and directed 18 others, along with writing 8 songs used in 4 motion pictures. He has been featured nationally on Good Morning America, C.B.S. Weekend News, and Real People. Dr. Chaney has won prestigious awards from the New York film and Versailles Film Festivals for Best Original Screenplay and Best Director.

Executive Producer – Sir Michael Tielmann, a well-known senior Hollywood film executive, best recognized for his work as the Executive Director for Bob Hope Hollywood’s USO, and film coordinating officer for the late Hon. Mayor Johnny Grant, the City of Hollywood. Tielmann’s career spans a lifetime during which he was heavily involved in many worldwide screen productions. Tielmann, military general currently serving in the reserves, has received many honors for his extensive work internationally, including Knighthood.

Co-Producer, John Lomar, is one of the Hong Kong’s top filmmakers who directed 49 films for the city’s famous Shaw Brother’s Studio. He was awarded the prestigious Asian Film Festival Award for Best Director.
His known works included Bruce Lee and I, Monkey Kung Fu and Chase.
Lomar has collaborated closely with some of the best Hong Kong and international film stars including, Roy Chiao, who was no stranger to American moviegoers. Chiao starred in more than a dozen international movies such as Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon, Game of Death, and Stephen Spielberg’s The Temple of Doom.

Casting Director, Deborah Winters, is also an experienced actress who starred in 19 films of her owns, playing the lead female roles in Kotch The People Next Door, Class’44, Behind the Mask, and The Winds of War (the second most watched television miniseries in history). She has starred with such known actors as Michael Douglas, Walter Matthau, Jack Lemmon, Robert Mitchim, Peter Graves, Jan-Michael Vincent, and Ali MacGraw. Deborah also comes from a famous film family. Her father, Ralph Winters, was head of casting for Universal Studios for 28 years and her Mother, Penny Edwards was a well-known star of the late 40s and early 50s (starring in such films as Pony Soldiers with Tyrone Power and Two Guys from Texas and Jack Carson, and Dennis Morgan.

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